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Used in the context of this paper, an artifact refers to a WebDAV message body response which contains XML data that can contain ambiguous tag names and has little if any context associated with how the XML text data will be used. Artifacts can otherwise be considered chunks of data used in a decentralized computing approach, where the server feeds the client just enough information for the client to act on that data and off load CPU intensive activity from the server to the client.


Internet Information Services. Acronym for the name of Microsoft's web server product.


Acronym for just in time. Used in this article's context, it refers to the run time rewriting of variables immediately before they are used.


Microsoft Windows authentication scheme. Used from authentication within a Microsoft LAN environment.


Outlook Web Access. Enables users to access their Exchange Server using a web browser.


Acronym for single sign on. Used to describe scenarios where authentication is checked by one application and authentication to other applications is then made transparent; requiring no deliberate intervention on the user's behalf.


Acronym for virtual private network. VPNs are a method whereby all network traffic is passed back and forth between a VPN server and client over a secure encrypted tunnel.

Wide open relay

Refers to a situation which arises when SMTP messages are not authenticated or properly filtered, which allows email spammers to use your email server as a point of origin and often results in the messaging server or entire DNS domain to be blacklisted. See http://www.ordb.org.

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