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Section 1.4: Configure Management Server for Administering Cluster Nodes

Configure the clustadm workstation to administer each node in the SunPlex platform. Implement basic cluster management services, which can help ensure consistent, efficient cluster installations and operations.

Step 1.4.1

Verify the /etc/inet/hosts file is configured to support the SunPlex platform. Add the IP address for each Solaris install client (cluster node) to be serviced by JumpStart, as well as the additional host name entries required to support the SunPlex platform.

At this time, ensure that the corresponding entries are created in support of the SunPlex platform, including entries for each cluster node to be managed, the clustadm workstation, the terminal concentrator (tc), plus any additional site-specific entries, such as the logical host entry required for our HA-NFS data service.

root@clustadm# more /etc/inet/hosts

... {output omitted}

xxx.xxx.xx.xxx clustadm loghost
xxx.xxx.xx.xxx clustnode1
xxx.xxx.xx.xxx clustnode2
xxx.xxx.xx.xxx lh-hanfs
xxx.xxx.xx.xxx tc 

Step 1.4.2

Create the /etc/clusters file with an entry for this cluster, with the following format:

<Name of Cluster> <Node1 Name> <Node2 Name> ...


<Name of Cluster> = nhl

<Node1 Name> = clustnode1

<Node2 Name> = clustnode2

On the clustadm workstation, create the /etc/clusters file, configuring clustnode1 and clustnode2. Verify that the /etc/clusters file is correct:

root@clustadm# cat /etc/clusters
nhl clustnode1 clustnode2 

Step 1.4.3

Next, configure the /etc/serialports file on the clustadm workstation, enabling a connection to the terminal concentrator through the ttya (serial) port. Create the /etc/serialports file, as shown in the following code box.

At the clustadm workstation, verify /etc/serialports file is correct, as follows:

root@clustadm# cat /etc/serialports
clustnode1 tc 5002
clustnode2 tc 5003


In this example, the terminal concentrator (tc) has 8 ports, numbered 1 – 8. The 5002 entry refers to the terminal concentrator physical port 2, and 5003 refers to physical port 3. The tc entry must correspond to the host name entry in /etc/inet/hosts.

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