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Cluster Platform 220/100 Architecture – A Product from SunTone Platforms Portfolio by Enrique Vargas available at:


Contact your local Sun representative for obtaining copies of the most recent EIS CD. Recommend reviewing: "SunCluster Site Planning," "Site Preparation" and "Acceptance Testing."

Sun WebStart Flash documentation is available at:


The following Sun BluePrints OnLine Articles are available at:


Availability - What It Means, Why It's Important, and How to Improve It by Richard McDougal

Disaster Recovery Requirements by Stan Stringfellow

High Availability Best Practices by Enrique Vargas

HA: Boot/Root/Swap by Jeannie Johnstone Kobert

The Art of Production Environment Engineering by Bill Walker

Datacenter Naming Scheme by Mark Garner

Robust Clustering: A Comparison of SC3.0 vs. SC 2.2

Architecting a Service Provider Infrastructure for Maximum Growth by Stan Stringfellow

Building Secure N-Tier Environments by Alex Noordergraaf

Planning for Large Configurations of Netra t1 Servers by Stan Stringfellow

Planning to Fail by John S. Howard

High Availability Fundamentals by Enrique Vargas

Tales from the Trenches: The Case of the RAM Starved Cluster by Richard McDougal

Building a JumpStart Infrastructure by Alex Noordergraaf

Using NTP to control and Synchronize System Clocks (Parts 1 - 3)

Solaris 8 Additions to sysidcfg by Rob Snevely

An Overview of Methodology by Adrian Cockcroft

JumpStart™ Mechanics: Using JumpStart Application for Hands-Free Installation of Unbundled Software (Parts 1 - 2 by John S. Howard

Setting Up A Solaris Operating Environment Install Server and the Solaris JumpStart Feature by Rob Snevely

Scrubbing Disks using Solaris OE format Program

Fast Oracle Exports by Stan Stringfellow

IP Network Multipathing by Mark Garner

Sun/Oracle Best Practices

MR System for Rapid Recovery by John S. Howard

VxVM Private Regions: Mechanics and Internals of the VxVM Configuration Database by Gene Trantham

Veritas VXVM Storage Management Software by Gene Trantham

SSP Best Practices by John S. Howard

The following additional references are available at docs.sun.com

Sun Cluster 3.0 System Administration Guide

Sun Cluster 3.0 Installation Guide

Sun Cluster 3.0 Hardware Guide

Sun Cluster 3.0 (U3) Release Notes: refer to Patches and Firmware Requirements "Sun Cluster 3.0 Concepts," "Sun Cluster 3.0 Error Messages," and "Sun Cluster 3.0 Data Services Installation and Configuration Guide"

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