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Creational Design Patterns in Python
By Mark Summerfield
Sep 13, 2013
In this chapter from Python in Practice: Create Better Programs Using Concurrency, Libraries, and Patterns, Mark Summerfield discusses creational design patterns in Python, including the Abstract Factory, Builder, Factory Method, Prototype, and Singleton Patterns.
Essential GWT: Developing Your Application
By Federico Kereki
Aug 17, 2010
What kind of applications should you develop with GWT? How can you go about it? And, why would you use GWT? Federico Kereki answers these questions in this introduction to his book.
"D"iving Into the D Programming Language
By Andrei Alexandrescu
Jul 29, 2009
Andrei Alexandrescu dives into explaining the basics of the D programming language.
.NET Web Services and SOAP
By Kenn Scribner, Mark Stiver
Aug 20, 2001
This chapter introduces the SOAP protocol, describes the SOAP object model, and discusses the serialization of data.
15 Rules for Writing Quality Code
By Diomidis Spinellis
Jun 9, 2014
Diomidis Spinellis, author of Code Quality: The Open Source Perspective, lists the 15 most important rules for writing sparkling code. Follow them, and your code will look professional, live long, grow smoothly, and earn your colleagues’ love (rather than swearing).
5 Web Technologies You Can't Afford To Ignore
By Phil Ballard
Mar 27, 2014
Some technologies are so important that it pays every web developer to have a basic knowledge of them. Phil Ballard lists five critical web technologies for 2014, the basics of which every web developer should grasp.
8 Steps to Successful Randomized Banner Ads
By Anne Nelson, William H.M. Nelson III
Nov 30, 2001
This article briefly overviews what marketing goals managers see banner adds achieving and then goes on to give a step-by-step tutorial on creating a banner add that can be randomized.
A Brief History of Programming, Part 1
By David Chisnall
Oct 26, 2007
David Chisnall takes a look at some of the developments that created the current crop of languages.
A Brief History of Programming, Part 2
By David Chisnall
Nov 2, 2007
David Chisnall examines the rise of object-oriented programming and the models used to write parallel code.
A Framework for Animation and Gaming Using HTML5
By Matt Weisfeld, Donnie Santos
Aug 20, 2015
Are you interested in creating animations or games? Matt Weisfeld (author of The Object-Oriented Thought Process) and Donnie Santos discuss an animation framework using the HTML5 Canvas specification.
A Guide to Persistence Technologies: Apache OpenJPA
By Roland Barcia, Kulvir Singh Bhogal, Kyle Brown, Geoffrey Hambrick, Robert Peterson
Jul 10, 2008
This chapter explains how to code against the OpenJPA APIs, map entities, and configure the system for your applications.
A New Harvest of Python IDEs
By Boudewijn Rempt
Nov 27, 2000
Use this pragmatic guide to pick the Python IDE that's right for you. The author compares and contrasts the most important features, and illustrates each IDE with screenshots to help his descriptions.
A Planned Approach to Web Development
By Thomas P. Bergman
Sep 7, 2001
Is it finally time to build a web site for your business? Thomas P. Bergman provides a set of good questions and helpful hints to get you started.
A Practical Introduction to eBay's Web API
By Tim Stevens
Oct 14, 2005
A Practical Introduction to PyQt's Undo/Redo Framework
By Mark Summerfield
Apr 23, 2008
Be a smart Python programmer with this introduction to PyQt's undo/redo framework.
A Python Reading List by Wesley Chun
By Wesley J. Chun
Mar 4, 2012
Wesley J. Chun, author of Core Python Applications Programming, 3rd Edition, offers a list of his favorite Python books for everyone from complete beginners to experienced programmers.
A Quick Tour of KML: Geographic Visualization for the Web
By Josie Wernecke
Nov 14, 2008
Learn what KML is and how you can create a simple KML file yourself.
A Quick Tour of Visual Studio 2008
By Lars Powers, Mike Snell
Jun 17, 2008
Here's what to expect as a first encounter with Visual Studio 2008.
A Simple Template Using Perl Server Pages (PSP)
By Chris Radcliff
Oct 19, 2001
Chris Radcliff shows you how to add HTML display templates to Perl-based Web applications. A simple template management system is developed using Perl Server Pages (PSP) and the Apache::PSP module.
A Strategic SEO Upfront Content Approach for WordPress SEO Success
By Jacob Aull
Jun 26, 2014
This chapter discusses starting SEO and developing a content strategy; outlines the best SEO content objectives, plans, and guides; explains how to pick the best keywords; and shows how to manage the WordPress SEO tools.

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