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Planning Considerations for Wireless Phones (Part 2 of 2)
Jun 15, 2010
Leo A. Wrobel and Sharon M. Wrobel conclude this two-part series by considering the importance of addressing your wireless devices in your standards documents.
Importing and Exporting Windows Network Settings
Jun 14, 2010
Need to back up or distribute your network settings? Eric Geier shows how to work with your wireless profiles, TCP/IP configuration, and 802.1X authentication settings.
The Art of Enterprise Information Architecture: A Conceptual and Logical View
Jun 11, 2010
The authors of The Art of Enterprise Information Architecture introduce the EIA Reference Architecture on the Conceptual as well as on the first Logical Layer.
Disaster Planning Considerations for Wireless Phones (Part 1 of 2)
Jun 8, 2010
If your wireless provider has an unexpected outage, can your customers still reach you? In part 1 of a two-part series, Leo A. Wrobel and Sharon M. Wrobel discuss the importance of addressing your wireless phones in your corporate emergency plans.
The Imperative for a New Approach to Information Architecture
May 31, 2010
This chapter sets a business and “how-to” context for what is primarily a technical manuscript to both introduce and reinforce the message that an organization’s Enterprise Information Architecture and associated strategy and objectives must be centered around the business value that enterprise information can deliver.
Must-Have iPhone, iPad, & iPod Touch Apps for IT Professionals
May 14, 2010
Eric Geier shares his list of must-have iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch apps for in and around the office. This article has something for you and every techie you know.
What's New in Microsoft System Center Operations Manager 2007 R2
May 7, 2010
This chapter highlights the changes to Microsoft System Center Operations Manager 2007, beginning with the release of SP 1.
IT Innovation and the Innovation Life Cycle
May 6, 2010
David Croslin offers a proven, step-by-step method for consistently creating revolutionary products, services, and processes. In this chapter from his book, Innovate the Future, he discusses the types of innovation and the life cycle that innovation takes.
Ready or Not: Disaster Preparedness in the Workplace
May 5, 2010
Disasters happen to small organizations as well as large ones. Because even a small emergency can have big consequences if your staff isn't prepared, Leo A. Wrobel and Sharon M. Wrobel discuss the basic steps that every organization needs to take to get ready for the unthinkable.
Introduction to the Microsoft System Center Enterprise Suite
Apr 30, 2010
This chapter introduces the System Center family of products and what each of the components are.
Up Close and Personal: Leo's Office Disaster
Apr 20, 2010
Following a record snowfall, Leo Wrobel discovered what it's like to learn that you're not quite as prepared for disaster as you thought you were. Learn from his experience, or you may be bound to repeat it.
IT Systems Management: Production Acceptance
Feb 18, 2010
This chapter defines the process of production acceptance and describes many of the benefits this process provides to a variety of groups both inside and outside of IT.
Selecting the Right Outbound Notification and Emergency Communications System (Part 1 of 2)
Feb 11, 2010
Leo A. Wrobel and Sharon M. Wrobel, of b4Ci Inc. and NaSPA, list the important qualities to find when choosing a communications system for emergency situations.
Why IT Matters More Than Ever
Jan 21, 2010
Aaron Erickson argues that Nick Carr had it wrong: IT not only matters in the modern organization, but matters to a huge degree.
Project Management for IT Pros: An Interview with Rita Mulcahy
Jan 4, 2010
Tim Warner interviews Rita Mulcahy about her new Cisco Press book, how an IT executive makes sense of the often-confusing world of PM certifications, and how an IT decision maker can identify and avoid the most common PM pitfalls.
Project Management Crash Course: What is a Project Charter?
Oct 28, 2009
Rita Mulcahy defines the concept of a project charter and provides examples of soft and hard metrics of a project.
IT Financial Management: The Business of IT
Oct 14, 2009
This chapter provides a tactical roadmap illustrating how to improve specific IT financial management practices based on best practices, including Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL).
I/O Consolidation in the Data Center
Sep 23, 2009
This chapter explains the benefits and challenges of designing physical infrastructure to simultaneously carry multiple types of traffic.
The Cost of Managing Paper: A Great Incentive to Go Paperless!
Sep 16, 2009
Efficiency expert K.J. McCorry revives our interest in the long-promised paperless office by talking about how much all that "cheap paper" really costs.
Using Static IP Addresses on Your Network
Sep 14, 2009
Eric Geier helps you discover ways to convert from dynamic to static addresses on your network.

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