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"Don't Talk to Our People..." and Other Warehousing Death Knells
Sep 2, 2001
Mark W. Humphries and Michelle C. Dy present IT war stories from their data warehousing consulting practice.
"Open Sesame" or Not? Use the Right Access Controls
Apr 12, 2002
"Open Sesame" or Not? Administrators must use the correct access controls to ensure a secure system.
"The Best Programming Advice I Ever Got" with Rand Morimoto
Feb 19, 2013
Rand Morimoto, Microsoft MVP and president of Convergent Computing, writes about the importance of learning PowerShell, even if you're comfortable with using GUIs.
.NET e-Business: Enabling Inter-Application Communications
Feb 8, 2002
This chapter from .NET e-Business Architecture introduces you to the tools and technologies available today that make it possible to produce great distributed software systems using the Microsoft .NET Enterprise Solutions Platform.
10 Keys to Successful Technology Acquisitions
Jun 15, 2001
How can you buy the right technology from the right vendor, and at the right price for your business? Technology acquisition expert Allen Eskelin discusses the 10 keys to a successful technology acquisition.
10 Questions to Ask To Find a Great, Green Data Center Site
Apr 17, 2009
Doug Alger provides 10 questions to ask about property you're considering for your next Data Center to help you have a productive, green server environment.
10 Things I Hate About (U)NIX
Nov 4, 2005
UNIX was a terrific workhorse for its time, but eventually the old nag needs to be put out to pasture. David Chisnall argues that it's time to retire UNIX in favor of modern systems with a lot more horsepower.
11 Characteristics of a World-Class Infrastructure
Nov 8, 2002
Many criteria distinguish a world-class infrastructure from a mediocre one. In this article, infrastructure expert Rich Schiesser describes 11 of the most common factors.
4Ci Update: More Solutions for Command, Control, and Communications in Time of Disaster
Apr 21, 2008
Every organization should be prepared with alternative methods for accessing communications systems in case of an emergency.
A Blade Server Primer
Aug 27, 2004
Network management specialist Stephen Morris discusses the emerging area of blade servers. This key data center technology has important implications for hard-pressed IT managers.
A Checklist for Evaluating Professional Services Firms
Jun 21, 2002
How do you find a really great provider of professional services? Don't be blown away by impressive presentations. Use this simple checklist of questions from Thomas Lah to find the companies that can really help you reach your professional services goals.
A Cisco Telephony Architecture Evolution
Sep 3, 2004
This chapter introduces the concept of ROI, and provides the background and reasoning behind Cisco's decision to migrate to an all-IP network.
A Comparison of Dial Backup Approaches
Sep 21, 2001
This article discusses three popular mechanisms for implementing a dial backup solution for improving network availability, highlighting the benefits and drawbacks of each approach.
A First Attempt at a Distributed Service
May 11, 2001
Web services expert Bob Grogan discusses the basic components of a Web Service that uses existing technologies to overcome past obstacles to profitability.
A Fool with a Computer: Technology Tools and Artistic Tradition in the 21st Century
By Duane Loose
Aug 27, 2001
As important as computers are to the design process, artistic ability remains the key component. Duane Loose tells why traditional art and design skills must have a place in the age of digital content creation.
A Holistic View of Six Sigma
Dec 3, 2004
This chapter has provided a general overview of Six Sigma—the key elements of the initiative and the key concepts, methods, and tools—and the tremendous opportunities for using Six Sigma to improve processes, functions, and organizations beyond the factory floor.
A Manager's Guide to Getting Organized
Mar 1, 2002
Learn how to become a task master by identifying organizational problems and acting on them accordingly.
A Methodology for E-Business?
Feb 9, 2001
E-business consultant Michelle Johnston argues that e-business isn't so different from what we've all been doing for years.
A Network Administrator's View of Multiservice Networks
Dec 9, 2005
Multiservice networks provide more than one distinct communications service type over the same physical infrastructure. Multiservice implies not only the existence of multiple traffic types within the network, but also the ability of a single network to support all of these applications without compromising quality of service (QoS) for any of them. This chapter covers multiservice networks in detail from the network administrator's viewpoint.
A New Standard for MANs: The IEEE 802.17 Resilient Packet Ring
By William Stallings
Jun 15, 2001
Bill Stallings discusses the IEEE 802.17 Resilient Packet Ring Metropolitan Area Network Standard for high-speed packet-based data network capability.

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