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Making the Connection: Strategies to Build Effective Personal Relationships (Collection)

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Making the Connection: Strategies to Build Effective Personal Relationships (Collection)

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  • Copyright 2012
  • Edition: 1st
  • eBook (Watermarked)
  • ISBN-10: 0-13-334612-9
  • ISBN-13: 978-0-13-334612-1

A brand new collection of powerful insights into persuading, motivating, and inspiring everyone you work with… 4 pioneering books, now in a convenient e-format, at a great price!

4 remarkable eBooks help you persuade, influence, convince, and inspire everyone around you

These 4 extraordinary eBooks offer you an unprecedented toolset for persuading, influencing, inspiring, and motivating everyone around you. In How to Argue: Powerfully, Persuasively, Positively, Oxford's Jonathan Herring teaches you how to calmly and confidently persuade in any environment -- free of fear, confusion, and intimidation. You'll earn practical skills that make some people so articulate and compelling… how to handle difficult people and heated situations… how to make your point more powerfully than ever before. Next, in The Personal Credibility Factor: How to Get It, Keep It, and Get It Back (If You've Lost It), renowned personal coachSandy Allgeier shows how to systematically build your personal credibility -- the #1 attribute in earning trust and success. Allgeier's hands-on assessment tool will help you bring more authenticity and transparency to your interactions, and her practical guidance on listening will help you earn others' trust even if you ultimately choose to disagree. Allgeier concludes with seven specific steps you can take every day to increase personal credibility, and rebuild credibility you've already lost. Then, in How to Get What You Want...Without Having to Ask, best-selling author Richard Templar offers up 100 clever, simple, pain-free ways to get people to happily say "yes" to you. You'll discover bite-size techniques for getting what you want without saying a word… and when you do still have to ask, you'll find the techniques and words that'll get the job done. Finally, in Making Sense of People: Decoding the Mysteries of Personality, renowned psychiatrist and neuroscientist Samuel Barondes shares practical tools for understanding what individuals are really like -- and how they got that way. He offers a complete system for assessing each person's traits, character, and sense of identity, integrating those elements into a unified picture, and using it to be more effective in every area of your life. Learn how to supplement your intuition to choose more satisfying relationships, recognize telltale signs of dysfunction and danger, and savor the complexity and uniqueness of everyone you meet!

From world-renowned experts in personal coaching, human motivation, and psychology Jonathan Herring, Sandy Allgeier, Richard Templar, and Samuel Barondes

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Table of Contents

How to Argue: Powerfully, Persuasively, Positively

Introduction     v

Part 1: The ten golden rules of argument

Chapter 1  Golden Rule 1: Be prepared     3

Chapter 2  Golden Rule 2: When to argue, when to walk away     15

Chapter 3  Golden Rule 3: What you say and how you say it     25

Chapter 4  Golden Rule 4: Listen and listen again     41

Chapter 5  Golden Rule 5: Excel at responding to arguments     53

Chapter 6  Golden Rule 6: Watch out for crafty tricks     65

Chapter 7  Golden Rule 7: Develop the skills for arguing in public     89

Chapter 8  Golden Rule 8: Be able to argue in writing     95

Chapter 9  Golden Rule 9: Be great at resolving deadlock     103

Chapter 10  Golden Rule 10: Maintain relationships     111

Part 2: Situations where arguments commonly arise

Chapter 11  How to argue with those you love     121

Chapter 12  How to argue with your children     131

Chapter 13  Arguments at work     145

Chapter 14  How to complain     153

Chapter 15  How to get what you want from an expert     165

Chapter 16  Arguing when you know you’re in the wrong     175

Chapter 17  Arguing again and again     183

Chapter 18  Doormats     195

Chapter 19  How to be a good winner     205

Chapter 20  To recap     211

Index     215

The Personal Credibility Factor: How to Get It, Keep It, and Get It Back (If You've Lost It)

Introduction   xvii

Part I: The Three Secrets to Personal Credibility   1

Chapter 1 Secret #1: Forget Power, Position, Status, and Other Such Nonsense   5

Chapter 2 Secret #2: I Can See Right Through You   15

Chapter 3 Secret #3: The Decision to Suspend Judgment   31

Part II: Stepping Up with Credibility: Seven Steps to Influence Credibility   41

Chapter 4 Step #1: Know Your “Stuff”   45

Chapter 5 Step #2: Keep Commitments   51

Chapter 6 Step #3: Honor Confidences and Avoid Gossip   59

Chapter 7 Step #4: Know Yourself–the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly!   63

Chapter 8 Step #5: Choose to Value Others–the Good, and Yes, Even the Bad and the Ugly!   75

Chapter 9 Step #6: Ask More and Listen Most   91

Chapter 10 Step #7: Create Credible Interactions   101

Part III: Face the Truth and Begin Anew   119

Chapter 11 The Truth Shall Set You Free–When You Avoid Truth Traps!   121

Chapter 12 Credibility: I’ve Lost It–Can I Rebuild It?   131

Chapter 13 Rebuilding: One Step at a Time   143

HOW TO GET WHAT YOU WANT: Without Having to Ask

Introduction     1

PART 1: Be the Kind of Person Who Gets What They Want     4

Know What You Want     6

Know Why You Want It     8

Know How Much You Want It     10

Want What You Get     12

Don’t Be a Fuzzy Thinker     14

Know What It Takes     16

Work Out Who You Need on Your Side     18

Break Big Ambitions into Chunks     20

Set Up Some Milestones     22

Celebrate Every Step     24

Write It All Down     26

Analyze Your Sticking Points     28

Set Your Deadlines     30

Check Out the Back Door     32

Don’t Make Excuses     34

Think Positive     36

Don’t Hang Out with Naysayers     38

Say It Out Loud     40

Believe in Yourself     42

Expect Ups and Downs     44

Enjoy It When You Get It     46

PART 2: Be the Kind of Person People Want to Say Yes To     48

Don’t Fake It–Have Real Confidence     50

Sound Confident     52

Look Confident     54

Learn to Say No     56

Give Them an Alternative     58

Be a Broken Record     60

Be Sure You’re Sorry     62

Say What You Mean     64

Think Before You Speak     66

Be Prepared to Disagree     68

Control Yourself     70

Express Yourself     72

Don’t Use Emotional Blackmail…     74

…and Don’t Give In to It     76

Treat People with Respect     78

Have Plenty of Time     80

Be Likeable     82

Have a Sense of Humor     84

Be Honest     86

Always Say Thank You     88

Don’t Do Too Much     90

Give a Bit Extra     92

Be Generous     94

Praise but Don’t Flatter     96

Be Loyal     98

Don’t Talk Behind People’s Backs     100

Learn to Take Criticism Well     102

Admit Your Mistakes     104

Get to Know People     106

Learn to Listen Properly     108

Know What You’ve Agreed To     110

Pick Up the Signals     112

Sympathize with Other People’s Anger     114

Don’t Respond to Tactical Anger     116

Give Other People Results     118

Be Part of Your Organization     120

Work Hard     122

Work Right     124

Be Worth It     126

PART 3: Help Them to Say Yes     128

Make Sure You’re Getting Through to Them     130

And Make Sure They’re Getting Through to You     132

Think About Why They’d Say No     134

Show You Understand     136

Be Objective     138

Give Them an Excuse to Make an Exception     140

Solve Their Problems     142

Read the Clues     144

Learn What Gets Them Going     146

Use the Right Words     148

Get the Timing Right     150

Tell Them What You Want Without Asking     152

Don’t Keep Dropping Hints     154

Make It Hypothetical     156

Ask Questions     158

Ask for Advice Instead of a Job     160

Get Someone to Do the Asking for You     162

Tell Them You Need Them     164

Don’t Rush Them     166

Give Them What They Want     168

Make Them Think It Was Their Idea     170

Discourage Their Bad Ideas     172

Find Out What It Will Take     174

Get a Team Behind You     176

PART 4: And If You Really Do Have to Ask…     178

Be Clear What You’re Asking     180

Pick Your Moment     182

Make a Date     184

Know When to Put It Off     186

Keep to the Script     188

Rehearse It     190

Rehearse Their Answer     192

Don’t Go On About It     194

Get the Essentials on Paper     196

Have a Bottom Line     198

Ask for More Than You Want     200

Don’t Make Empty Threats     202

Think About It     204

Put the Decision in Writing     206

Be Ready to Be Decisive     208

Don’t Give Up     210

Making Sense of People: Decoding the Mysteries of Personality

Introduction     1

Part I: Describing Personality Differences

1  Personality Traits     7

2  Troublesome Patterns     29

Part II: Explaining Personality Differences

3  How Genes Make Us Different     57

4  Building a Personal Brain     77

Part III: Whole Persons, Whole Lives

5  What’s a Good Character?     99

6  Identity: Creating a Personal Story     123

7  Putting It All Together     139

Endnotes     151

References     177

About the Author     217

Index     219


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