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Influence Marketing: How to Create, Manage, and Measure Brand Influencers in Social Media Marketing

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Influence Marketing: How to Create, Manage, and Measure Brand Influencers in Social Media Marketing

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  • Copyright 2013
  • Dimensions: 6" x 9"
  • Edition: 1st
  • eBook (Watermarked)
  • ISBN-10: 0-13-339166-3
  • ISBN-13: 978-0-13-339166-4

Identify and Manage the Influence Paths That Convert Brand Awareness to Customer Acquisition!

Today, you face a brutally tough, maddeningly elusive new competitor: the “wisdom of crowds.” Social media gives consumers 24x7 access to the attitudes and recommendations of their most engaged peers. These are the views that shape buying decisions. These are the views you must shape and use. Influence Marketing won’t just help you identify and enlist key influencers: it will help you manage the influence paths that lead consumers to buy. By sharing empirical evidence of hard-won lessons from pioneering influence marketers, Danny Brown and Sam Fiorella provide a blueprint that moves influence marketing beyond simple brand awareness and into sales acquisition and customer life time value measurement. They integrate new tools and techniques into a complete methodology for generating more and better leads—and converting them faster, at higher margins.

• Put the customer—not the influencer—at the center, and plan influence marketing accordingly

• Recognize where each prospect stands in the purchase life cycle right now

• Clarify how your consumers move from brand preference to purchase

• Identify key micro-influencers who impact decisions at every stage

• Gain indispensable insights into the context of online relationships

• Recognize situational factors that derail social media brand recommendations

• Understand social influence scoring models and overcome their limitations

• Re-engineer and predict influence paths to generate measurable action

• Master the “4 Ms” of influence marketing: make, manage, monitor, measure

• Transform influence marketing from a “nice-to-have” exercise into a powerful strategy

Additional online resources can be found at www.influencemarketingbook.com

Sample Content

Table of Contents

1 Logic and Reason (or How We Learned to Love Influence Marketing)    1

Introducing MV-1 Canada    3

Driving the Mission    5

The 90-9-1 Rule    7

A (Not So) Surprising Discovery    11

Focusing on the Customer, Not the Influencer    13

Winning Strategy: Charting Influence Paths    17

Thinking Forward    19

Endnotes    20

2 Influence and the Human Psyche    21

Emotion, Logic, and Success Above Criticism    22

The Emotionally Connected Consumer 1:

The IKEA Effect    23

The Emotionally Connected Consumer 2:

12for12k and Emotional Guilt    24

The Intelligence Behind Emotional Marketing    26

The Search for Emotional Loyalty    27

Once You Go Mac        27

More Than Just a Game    27

The Manifestation of Emotional Marketing    28

Emotions in the Purchase Cycle    29

Measuring Online Emotion    29

Emotional Resonance Versus Controversial

Disconnect    30

Emotion and Its Role in Influence Marketing    31

Endnotes    34

3 The Rise of Social Media    37

Logic, Branding, and Influence    38

Project 1998—The Content Creators    39

A Question of Two Cultures    40

Social Media Dads Can Cook, Too    41

The Shift to Social Media and the Rise of Citizen

Influencers    42

Lebanon Ford, Lebanon, Ohio    43

The CNN iReport Fail    46

The Nate Silver Phenomenon    46

The New Personal Relationship Dynamic    47

Degree of Separation    48

The Five Degrees of Social Relationships    50

The Degree of Publicity—Online Networks    51

When Everyone Is an Influencer    52

Endnotes    53

4 The Current Influence Model and Social Scoring    55

The Carnegie Principle    56

The Marketing Shift from Brand to Consumer    57

The People Paradigm    58

Audience    60

Acceptance    60

Application    60

Amplification    61

The Power of One    62

Klout    64

Kred    65

PeerIndex    67

Empire Avenue    67

eCairn Conversation™    68

The Domino Effect of Social Influence    70

The Looming Storm Clouds of Social Scoring’s Effect on the Conversation    71

Endnotes    72

5 Situational Influence: A New Model for a New Era    73

Trend Currents    74

Gravity    76

Repositioning the Customer at the Center    77

Situational Influence    83

Communities    84

Economic    84

Social and Cultural Groupthink    85

Personal Ideology    87

Situational Factors    88

Personal Situational Factors    88

Environmental Situational Factors    89

Emotional Situational Factors    89

Life Cycle Situational Factors    90

Micro-Influencers    90

Geofencing    91

Step One: Community Identification    91

Step Two: Situational Analysis and Factors    92

Step Three: Identification of Customer and

Micro-Influencer    92

Applying Situational Factors    93

Endnotes    94

6 The Consumer Decision-Making Process    95

Situational Factors Disrupting Purchase Decisions    96

Missing Data Inputs    97

Conflicted Decisions    97

Psychological Factors Disrupting Decision-Making

Processes     100

Motivations Disrupt Decision-Making Processes     100

Personality Disrupts Decision-Making Processes     101

Learned Reactions Disrupt Decision-Making

Processes     102

Attitudes Disrupt Decision-Making Processes     103

Social Proof Disrupts Decision-Making Processes     104

Lifestyle Disrupts Decision-Making Processes     105

Perception Disrupts Decision-Making Processes     106

Family Influence Disrupts Decision-Making

Processes     107

Cognitive Dissonance     108

Purchase Life Cycles     109

References     112

7 Reversing the Social Influence Model    113

Importance of Text Analytics to Reverse

Engineering Influence     115

Identifying the Purchase Life Cycle     119

Creating Linguistic Maps     121

Charting Relationships     124

Identifying Situational Factors     127

Managing Influence Paths Through Social Customer

Relationship Management Software     129

8 Managing Social Influence Paths    131

Emotional Contagions     133

Rethinking Macro-Influencers     134

Mapping the Influence Paths     137

Predicting Influence Paths     140

Purposeful Influence Marketing     142

Building Awareness     144

Competitor or Trend Disruption     145

Adaptive Influence Marketing     146

Measuring Influence Marketing     148

Endnotes     150

9 The Four Ms of Influence Marketing    151

The Changing Nature of Predictive Influence     152

Understanding the Four Ms     154

Managing the Influencer     162

Monitoring Influencer Campaigns     165

Measuring an Influence Marketing Campaign     167

The Complementing Arc of Consumers and the Four Ms     170

Endnotes     171

10 The Future of Influence Marketing    173

Tellagence     174

Appinions     177

Earned Media     179

Paid Media     180

Owned Media     180

Traackr     180

Bottom Line Impact     181

Increased Potential for Advocacy     182

Faster Influencer Identification     182

Actionable Insights     182

Traackr Features     183

TrendSpottr     184

Internal Influence     185

External Influence     186

Squeeze     187

oneQube     189

The oneQube Twitter Influencer Connector     189

The Future of Influence Is Fluid     195

Endnotes     195

11 The Business of Influence Marketing    197

Connecting Influence to Sales Revenue     198

Case Study     198

Impact on Customer Lifetime Value     199

Influencers Versus Advocates     201

Creating Brand Advocates     203

Awareness     206

Nurturing     206

Conversion     206

Satisfaction     206

Loyalty     207

Advocacy     207

Case Study     208

Customizing Influence     209

Stop Scoring Influence, Start Creating

Influence Paths     211

Conclusion     212

Endnotes     215

Index    217


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