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What? Traenk buys a Kindle? 

Yup, I bought a Kindle.  There are cheaper tablets.  I have one or two.  Much Ado About Nothing.  There are fancier, more expensive tables.  My Wife has my iPad.

I think the Kindle and its low cost may be that sweet cost point that opens the field in ways cheaper tablets can't compete, all the while offering services at cost points other platforms can't match.

I'm really somewhat impressed.  I love to buy electronic copies of books.  You like Cisco Press, right?  Bookmark this:  http://www.ciscopress.com/deals/index.asp .  SAMS books are as fundamental to me as fresh bread and butter.  Save this link if you want some of the best books from the best authors this site offers:  http://www.informit.com/deals/index.aspx?ns=24834&WT.mc_id=2011-09-29_NL_SoftwareDevelopmentandManagementNewsletter .  And Peachpit, home of the best Apple tech writing:  http://www.peachpit.com/deals/ .  In all of these cases, your $10 investment should work with your Kindle. 

Let's face it, if your IT career is as wild as mine is becoming, you need your learning resources close by most days.  An e-Reader may be a great investment for you as well.

Overall, maybe it's just me, but PC's, laptops, etc seem to be dissipating a bit of late.  Games are better staged on dedicated consoles.  Too many prefer email to reports, making office suites less important on emerging platforms.  The music I once played on Zune or iPod now seems something for the phone.  And even the mighty email now seems less important than Facebook and other networking sites.

All hail the mighty tablet.  I'll let you know what I think of the Kindle and the all-important Cloud service offering in the weeks to come.  Until then, Amazon is certainly masterful in their integration of IT, devices and services, with their retail efforts.  They seem to support the contention that IT is NOT a separate business pursuit.  Instead IT is Business, and Business, IT.  (Apologies to Keats...)


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