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The Laid Off IT Guy! The Newspaper Interview

My success thus far in networking has given me the opportunity today to be interviewed for a feature article in the Careers section of the major local newspaper.  The article is going to be about Social Networking for Job Hunters.  I don’t know if that is going to be the title or not, but that is what I suggested.

With confidence from my freelance writing gig here with InformIT I even offered to write the article for the reporter.  She was kind but declined.  She probably gets paid by the article so she wanted to do the work.  Go figure.

In the interview I told her a lot of what I’d written about in my blog post here called “Networking”. See that post for detailed info on how to network effectively.  We had a great conversation.  I had more ideas to share than she had time to listen, but I focused mainly on what a tremendous boost LinkedIn (www.linkedin.com) has been on expanding my professional network.  Not only have I more than doubled my Connections within the past 3 weeks, I’ve received leads from many of my friends there.

I put a plug in for my blog here.  I hope that she credits my contribution.  We’ll have to see what makes the article and what hits the cutting room floor.

Let me hear from you.  Have you done any freelance writing?  Blogger, author, contributing author, newspaper column?  I’ve done some of each now and would like to connect with other writers.  Post your comments!

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