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Whether using a Fitbit or Jawbone UP, many are recording their fitness information and sending the changes to the Cloud.  

I bought a Jawbone UP.  I've been tracking sleep, steps walked, and that's about it.  I've dutifully uploaded the information to my sensor vendor, once the data is pushed to my phone. 

As a result of this sensor's hounding, I've lot five pounds.  What a great story.  So why am I concerned?

There seems to be growing confirmation that information we might consider harmless is being tracked and studied.  Maybe that explains those new advertisements for Slurm?

I'm not sure what rights Jawbone has to my fitness information.  Would a life insurance company want to check my weight and confirm fitness patterns over years of logging? 

Information is power.  Even seemingly unrelated data, random data, long-term and short-term data all wields mighty conclusions when refined into information.

Do I think we're at a crisis point?  No.  How do I know I've lost weight?  I joined a Biggest Losers team at work.  My weigh-ins are kept secret on a white board, with other team members's data.  We keep our handwriting illegible, using advanced cryptographic techniques like slang and initials for names.

Does the United States need a new data privacy set of laws and regulations, on par with others in the world?  I hope we agree that that decision is for someone much more studied in the issues than I am. 

Do you have  a fitbit or UP health monitoring device, something that eventually has a network interface?  Is it working well for you?  Are we heading to dystopia (or maybe a more comfortable time at the beach during vacation in a few months)?

I've purchased several eBooks on using Excel for Big Data operations.  It's amazing what you can do.  I've downloaded my UP's data via CSV files.  That's the thing about data tracking--it cuts both ways.  We can draw our own information from a sea of data, if we choose to.  I don't think we want to ban all sensors or walk from the stability and uptime Cloud hosting brings.   Maybe I'm wrong?


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