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Only a "Dirty Dozen" Apps Don't Get Along with Vista SP1

Worried about whether your apps can handle the coming SP1 upgrade to Vista? Relax. The official list of affected programs is short, and there are fixes for most already.

A sensational headline on an article at CNet News last week, Microsoft: Vista SP1 will break these programs, seemed to suggest that Vista SP1's incompatibility with a dozen programs was a harbinger of much worse to come.

Interestingly, the article failed to point out that the last example of "service pack breakware" in Microsoft DesktopLand, the upgrade to Windows XP SP2, was a much bigger problem for users. XP SP2 "broke" three dozen applications, including many well-known programs. By contrast, most users reviewing Vista SP1's list of "broken" applications will be muttering to themselves "never heard of it."

Microsoft provides links to vendor websites and information on updated versions (where available), so most users of affected applications are just a download away from being ready for Vista SP1.

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