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It's not as complex as we might think

Do you think social media use is all that difficult?

I truly enjoy Information Security as a vocation.  One of my favorite activities is predicting the potential hyperbole to any introduction of 'new' technology.

"Why, with the introduction of 1.44MB diskettes, organizations must fear the loss of tens of important documents!"

"Now that cd writers cost less than $500, expect hundreds of your organization's documents to go walking out the door!"

"Now that iPods are able to present themselves as USB drives, EXPECT thousands of documents to trickle out the door, as U2 sings a happy song about it."

"Facebook?  The end of security as we know it.  EXPECT your workers to leak every secret possible unknowingly."

Ok, maybe I'm providing hyperbole.  Have you read security articles on the good, beneficial uses of new tech? 

I've used Facebook on and off for a few years.  So far, the risks seem no worse than people gathering at an afterhours watering hole, complaining about the usual.

At some point, we Security professionals need to give people the benefit of the doubt, that they will question another person's need for information. 

If you want to avoid an info-loss, don't ban new technology unnecessarily.  Instead, join up and use the stuff.  Be first to create FAQs and other awareness messages that guide your organization to safe use.  Join a professional organization!  Set A Standard!  Hang out here, on Informit.com, and respond to blogs and other postings that help you craft policy.

Most importantly?  Give it (new technology) time.


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