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It's amazing how many songs, how many major events are recorded as Summer events.  How will the summer of 2010 be remembered?

'67 was the summer of love.  Chad and Jeremy wrote songs about summer and its too brief passing.  How will you remember the summer of 2010?

I've been on vacation, an early one in May.  I've seen the final of my five patent app filings be recognized by USPTO.  My older daughter moved out, and the younger one works to complete university.  It is a time of many changes.

I'm still struggling with Facebook.  I post a few items, monitor the growth, note the many incomplete and confusing security changes.  I see FB grow and grow.

And now someone has created and posted a list of 100 million or so Facebook subscribers and some of their information.  Isn't this as inoccuous as someone rifling through a few hundred international phonebooks?

Yes and no.  As an amateur geneologist, I see that many phonebooks aren't open to casual queries.  Also, once I'm part of a secured system, I'm not thinking my security will be lost trivially.

Not so with Facebook.  A friend with poor security will allow my information to be revealed.  FB seems to exist beyond any international laws.  Most don't recognize the culmative effects of so much international data being so easily perused. 

This is a spammer's dream, millions of email addresses.  Weak account security, with few established security practices.  Total trust of one account for another account, despite doubtful password security.  Tight integration of fresh apps with immature security architectures and millions of PC's.  Whether you are a bottom-feeding spammer or a government out to monitor whole societies at will, maybe targeted individuals, this design fits the bill. 

Meanwhile, I also am in contact with my fellow offspring of my Great-Grandmother.  I can find family members once divided by two world wars and another great grandparents' desire to come to Amerika.

I think the summer of 2010 will a time of increasing global consciousness, with so many struggling to anticipate the huge swings that occur as we become part of a vastly shrinking globe.  It will be the summer when we all realized citizenship, of sorts, is extending to the Internet and its organizations.  For good or bad, it's time to treat our involvement with these organizations with greater thought to the consequences.

Maybe I'm reading more into this than what is actually there.  You decide; respond below.


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