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Understanding Python Basics
Feb 3, 2016
In this chapter from Python Programming for Raspberry Pi, Sams Teach Yourself in 24 Hours, 2nd Edition, you will learn some Python basics, such as using the print function to display output. You will read about using variables and how to assign values to variables, and you will gain an understanding of their data types. By the end of this chapter, you will know how to get data into a script by using the input function and write your first Python script!
Starting a New Django Project: Building a Startup Categorizer with Blog
Dec 29, 2015
In this chapter from Django Unleashed, Andrew Pinkham introduces the modern world of building dynamic websites. He starts by introducing web technologies and jargon before taking a look at Django. His introduction to Django focuses on what Django is and appropriate ways to use it. He then outlines the project you'll build, scoping out the content for not only Part I but also Parts II and III. This overview gives you the opportunity to use Django to generate a basic project that you'll use throughout the book.
Comparing Python Object-Oriented Code with Java
Oct 14, 2015
Do you avoid Python OO features, preferring the procedural/functional model? That tendency is common in languages such as PHP, where many programmers opt not to use OO features. But you might be missing an important opportunity! Java requires an OO approach, giving you the advantages of that model in every line of code you write. Stephen B. Morris points out the advantages of using Python's OO features in a manner similar to Java's.
Video: Effective Python: Working with Concurrency and Parallelism
Oct 12, 2015
Brett Slatkin, author of Effective Python LiveLessons (Video Training), discusses concurrency and parallelism in Python.
Video: Effective Python: Consider Generator Expressions for Large Comprehensions
Oct 5, 2015
In this excerpt from Effective Python LiveLessons (Video Training), Brett Slatkin discusses the problem with list comprehensions for large inputs.
Video: Use NONE and docstrings to specify dynamic default arguments in Python
Sep 30, 2015
In this excerpt from Effective Python LiveLessons (Video Training), Brett Slatkin talks about when you have to use a nonstatic type as a keyword argument's default value, and how to avoid problems that can occur when you do.
Video Q&A with Effective Python Author Brett Slatkin
Aug 12, 2015
Brett Slatkin, author of the video "Effective Python Live Lessons," talks about what makes Python a good introductory language, what's appealing about Python, and the most common pitfalls for new Python users.
Video: Learn More Python the Hard Way: Refining
Jun 24, 2015
Zed A. Shaw, author of Learn More Python the Hard Way LiveLessons (Workshop), discusses refining your Find Project.
Effective Python Items 15 & 23: How and Why to Use Closures
Jun 22, 2015
Python has first-class functions, meaning you can assign them to variables, pass them as arguments to other functions, compare them in expressions, etc. Python also supports closures: functions that refer to variables from the scope in which they were defined. Put together, first-class functions and closures give you a powerful tool for implementing simple interfaces while maintaining state. In these excerpted items from Effective Python: 59 Specific Ways to Write Better Python, Brett Slatkin shows you how and why to use first-class functions and closures in your Python programs.
Video: Learn More Python the Hard Way: Refactoring
Jun 17, 2015
In this excerpt from Learn More Python the Hard Way LiveLessons (Workshop), Zed A. Shaw discusses refactoring in Python.
Defining Functions in Python
Jun 16, 2015
This chapter from Introduction to Programming in Python: An Interdisciplinary Approach covers functions in Python, including using and defining functions, implementing mathematical functions, using functions to organize code, and passing arguments and returning values.
Why Not Learn Python?
Jun 8, 2015
Bob Sedgewick was dragged kicking and screaming into Python programming, but found himself using it much more often than he ever thought he would. In this article, Bob explains why he and his co-authors wrote Introduction to Programming in Python, and why you might want to learn Python, too.
Translating Effective Python into Go: Know When to Use Channels for Generator-Like Functions
Jun 2, 2015
Used together, channels and goroutines in the Go programming language provide very similar behavior to Python’s generator functions. Brett Slatkin, author of Effective Python: 59 Specific Ways to Write Better Python, shows how to translate his advice for Python generators into best practices for Go functions.
Video: Learn More Python the Hard Way: Second Test Implementation
May 21, 2015
In this excerpt from Learn More Python the Hard Way LiveLessons (Workshop), Zed A. Shaw presents Lesson 3.3: Second Test Implementation.
Effective Python: 4 Best Practices for Function Arguments
May 20, 2015
Functions in Python have a variety of extra features that make the programmer’s life easier. Some are similar to capabilities in other programming languages, but many are unique to Python. These extras can make a function’s purpose more obvious. They can eliminate noise and clarify the intention of callers. They can significantly reduce subtle bugs that are difficult to find. In this excerpt from Effective Python: 59 Specific Ways to Write Better Python, Brett Slatkin shows you 4 best practices for function arguments in Python.
Effective Python Item 40: Consider Coroutines to Run Many Functions Concurrently
Mar 18, 2015
There are numerous problems with threads in Python, but Python can work around almost all of these issues with coroutines, which let you have many seemingly simultaneous functions in your Python programs. Brett Slatkin discusses coroutines in this excerpt from Effective Python: 59 Specific Ways to Write Better Python.
Video: Fundamentals of Data Analytics with Python: Understanding Python's Graphics Data Exploration Tools
Dec 19, 2014
In this excerpt from Fundamentals of Data Analytics in Python LiveLessons (Video Training), learn about Python's graphics data exploration tools.
Hit the Ground Running with MongoDB and Python
Sep 16, 2014
Stephen B. Morris describes how to get started with MongoDB and Python. As usual with Python, you can get productive quickly, without worrying about complex IDEs. MongoDB has a simple data model and easy-to-understand semantics, giving you a handy on-ramp to this interesting technology.
Protect C++ Legacy Programs by Using Python
Feb 11, 2014
Stephen B. Morris illustrates a simple way to execute C++ programs by using Python. This approach is lightweight and yet robust, taking advantage of Python's powerful exception-management facilities. Learn how to achieve deeper integration between C++ and Python, while addressing important design issues.
An Introduction to Python Web Development Using the Pyramid Framework, Part 7
Jan 13, 2014
In Part 7 of his seven-part series on learning Python Pyramid, Jesse Smith concludes the series by talking about the HTTP and Session objects.

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