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An Introduction to Python for the Experienced Programmer, Part 1
Jul 22, 2013
Programming expert Jesse Smith shows you how to start with Python programming the easy way by associating Python concepts to those of other languages.
An Introduction to Python for the Experienced Programmer, Part 2
Jul 22, 2013
In the second of his three-part series on learning Python, Jesse Smith looks at how statements and lists work in Python.
An Introduction to Python for the Experienced Programmer, Part 3
Jul 22, 2013
In the third and final installment of his series on learning Python programming, Jesse Smith looks at how dictionaries, custom functions, and import modules work in Python.
Get Started Using Spring MVC and Hibernate for Your Java EE Applications
Jun 5, 2012
Programming expert Jesse Smith shows the easy way to get started with the popular Spring MVC framework with Hibernate. Learn how to build a simple application with a registration page.
Core Python Applications Programming: Multithreaded Programming
Mar 15, 2012
Wesley J. Chun explores the different ways you can achieve more parallelism in your code, including the difference between processes and threads, some multithreaded programming features found in Python, and some examples of how to use the threading and Queue modules to accomplish multithreaded programming with Python.
A Python Reading List by Wesley Chun
Mar 4, 2012
Wesley J. Chun, author of Core Python Applications Programming, 3rd Edition, offers a list of his favorite Python books for everyone from complete beginners to experienced programmers.
Using Fuzzy Matching to Search by Sound with Python
Mar 3, 2012
When you're writing code to search a database, you can't rely on all those data entries being spelled correctly. Doug Hellmann, developer at DreamHost and author of The Python Standard Library by Example, reviews available options for searching databases by the sound of the target's name, rather than relying on the entry's accuracy.
The Python Standard Library: Data Structures
Jun 9, 2011
This chapter covers two modules related to memory management in Python.
Python Is Not Just a Language—It's a Development Platform: An Interview with Doug Hellmann
May 9, 2011
Cameron Laird interviews Doug Hellmann, author of The Python Standard Library by Example, about his first encounters with Python, his work on Python Module of the Week, and what he's learned from other books.
Python's "New" Division: Python 2 Versus Python 3
Jan 21, 2010
Among the changes in the new version of Python is the way the division operator works. In this article, Python book and video author Wesley Chun explains how the math function has worked since Python was created and how it changes as the dynamic language moves towards the future.
Regular Expressions in Python 3
Dec 22, 2009
Mark Summerfield discusses using regular expressions in Python 3, including Python's regular expression language and the regular expression module.
The Three Python Tenors Sing "Threads" and "State of Mind"
Jul 29, 2009
Dave Beazley, Wesley Chun, and Mark Summerfield discuss Python performance, the reasons you might (or might not) want to move to Python 3, how new Python programmers should approach the language, multicore programming, and the difficulty of keeping technical books useful.
Python Essential Reference: Types and Objects
Jul 9, 2009
This chapter describes the inner workings of the Python object model and provides an overview of the built-in data types.
Python Fundamentals (Video Training): Functions
Jun 15, 2009
This video excerpt is from lesson 9 of Python Fundamentals.
Python 3: The Evolution of a Programming Language
Mar 24, 2009
Wesley J. Chun tells you why Python 3 is leaner, meaner, and more powerful than ever.
Regular Expressions in Python
Jan 23, 2009
Mark Summerfield explains how to work with regular expressions in Python.
Regular Expressions in Python 3
Jan 13, 2009
Learn how to use regular expressions in Python 3.
Python Descriptors
Dec 15, 2008
Mark Summerfield shows how to use Python descriptors for powerful attribute control.
Django for the Impatient: Building a Blog
Nov 25, 2008
How fast can you produce a simple blog using Django? Pretty darn fast.
Introduction to Python 3
Oct 14, 2008
Mark Summerfield explains the structure and approach of his book, Programming in Python 3 and shows you how to install Python.

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