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Visual Basic 2012 Unleashed, 2nd Edition

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Visual Basic 2012 Unleashed, 2nd Edition

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  • Copyright 2013
  • Dimensions: 7" x 9-1/8"
  • Edition: 2nd
  • eBook (Watermarked)
  • ISBN-10: 0-13-325585-9
  • ISBN-13: 978-0-13-325585-0

Fully updated for Windows 8 support, .NET 4.5, and Windows Phone development, this is the most comprehensive, practical reference to modern programming with Visual Basic 2012. Written by Visual Basic MVP Alessandro Del Sole, a long-time leader of the global VB community, this book illuminates the core of the VB language and demonstrates its effective use in many current programming scenarios.

Del Sole covers both Visual Basic 2012 Professional Edition for professional developers and the Express Edition for hobbyists, novices, and students. Writing for VB programmers at all levels of experience, he walks through using VB 2012 for data access, Windows desktop/Windows Phone user interface development, networking, communication, and much more.

For those moving from structured languages—including VB 6—Del Sole offers detailed guidance on building effective object-oriented code. He also demonstrates how to make the most of Microsoft’s updated .NET 4.5 platform to write more robust and powerful software.

Detailed information on how to…

¿ Understand the Visual Studio 2012 IDE, .NET Framework 4.5, and the anatomy of a VB 2012 application

¿ Debug VB applications and implement error handling and exceptions

¿ Build efficient object-oriented software with classes, objects, namespaces, and inheritance

¿ Work with advanced object-oriented features, including interfaces, generics, delegates, events, and collections

¿ Access data with LINQ—including LINQ to Objects, SQL, DataSets, Entities, XML, and Parallel LINQ

¿ Build modern Windows applications with WPF

¿ Develop web-centric applications using ASP.NET, Silverlight 5, and Windows Azure Services cloud computing

¿ Use advanced .NET 4.5 platform capabilities, including asynchronous programming, multithreading, parallel programming

¿ Build apps for Windows Phone

¿ Test code with unit tests, TDD, and code contracts

¿ Deploy apps efficiently with InstallShield for Visual Studio and ClickOnce


Source Code

Download the source code files (123MB) from this book.

Sample Content

Table of Contents

Part I Learning the Basics of VB

1 Introducing the .NET Framework 4.5     1

2 Getting Started with the Visual Studio 2012 IDE     11

3 The Anatomy of a Visual Basic Project     63

4 Data Types and Expressions     89

5 Debugging Visual Basic 2012 Applications    179

6 Handling Errors and Exceptions     207

Part II Object-Oriented Programming with Visual Basic 2012

7 Class Fundamentals     225

8 Managing an Object’s Lifetime     269

9 Organizing Types Within Namespaces     283

10 Modules    301

11 Structures and Enumerations     305

12 Inheritance     323

13 Interfaces     347

14 Generics and Nullable Types     367

15 Delegates and Events     379

16 Working with Collections and Iterators     393

17 Creating Objects: Visual Tools and Portable Libraries     423

Part III Advanced Language Features

18 Manipulating Files and Streams    453

19 The My Namespace     477

20 Advanced Language Features    511

Part IV Data Access with ADO.NET and LINQ

21 Introducing ADO.NET and DataSets    539

22 Introducing LINQ     549

23 LINQ to Objects    557

24 LINQ to SQL     587

25 LINQ to DataSets     621

26 Introducing ADO.NET Entity Framework     629

27 Manipulating XML Documents with LINQ and XML Literals     671

Part V Building Windows Desktop Applications

28 Creating WPF Applications    693

29 WPF Common Controls     725

30 Brushes, Styles, Templates, and Animations in WPF     757

31 Manipulating Media and Documents     793

32 Introducing Data-Binding     811

33 Localizing Applications     841

Part VI Building Web Applications

34 Building ASP.NET Web Applications     851

35 Publishing ASP.NET Web Applications    883

36 Building Rich Internet Applications with Silverlight 5     893

37 Building and Deploying Applications for Windows Azure     929

38 Building Apps for Windows Phone 7.5     955

Part VII Networking and Exposing Data Through Networks

39 Creating and Consuming WCF Services     991

40 Implementing and Consuming WCF Data Services     1013

Part VIII Advanced .NET Framework with VB 2012

41 Serialization    1035

42 Processes and Multithreading     1057

43 Parallel Programming and Parallel LINQ     1069

44 Asynchronous Programming     1103

45 Working with Assemblies     1143

46 Reflection     1157

47 Coding Attributes     1181

48 Platform Invokes and Interoperability with the COM Architecture     1191

49 Documenting the Source Code with XML Comments     1207

Part IX Applications Deployment

50 Understanding the Global Assembly Cache     1221

51 Setup and Deployment Projects with InstallShield for Visual Studio     1229

52 Deploying Applications with ClickOnce     1245

Part X Mastering the Visual Studio 2012 IDE

53 Advanced IDE Features     1261

54 Introducing the Visual Studio Extensibility     1287

55 Advanced Analysis Tools     1309

56 Testing Code with Unit Tests, Test-Driven Development, and Code Contracts    1337


A Useful Resources and Tools for Visual Basic     1357

Index     1361


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