Unleashed Series

When there's only room on the shelf for one book, Unleashed is the answer

PROMISE: An exhaustive, technically sophisticated reference for professionals who need to exploit a technology to its fullest potential

AUDIENCE: System administrators, programmers, IT managers

APPROACH: Expert authoring teams describe unique solutions to advanced problems

SPECS: $49.99, 800-1200 pp.

CORE TOPICS: Operating systems, networking, programming, databases, Web development. Sams' Unleashed series targets technology professionals who already understand the basics of a technology (or who are familiar with other closely related technologies), and who either want to expand their knowledge or want to be able to solve specific advanced-level problems. Books are organized so that coverage of each sub-topic stands on its own, providing a depth of coverage not found in an average tutorial or introductory reference book. If you could buy only one book on a particular topic, Unleashed is that one book you will want to keep handy on your desk for future reference.

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