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Open Source Network Administration

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Open Source Network Administration

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  • Copyright 2004
  • Edition: 1st
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  • ISBN-10: 0-13-046210-1
  • ISBN-13: 978-0-13-046210-7

In Open Source Network Administration, MIT netadmin James M. Kretchmar introduces an extraordinary collection of open source tools for streamlining and improving network management, monitoring, alerting, optimization, troubleshooting, and much more. Kretchmar provides detailed explanations, plus easy instructions for retrieval, installation from source, configuration, and usage. He covers SNMP, MRTG, Neo, Flow-Tools, Oak, Sysmon, Nagios, Tcpdump, and much more-even building your own tools with Perl. An indispensable resource for every network administrator.

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Tcpdump: An Open Source Tool for Analyzing Packets

The Multi Router Traffic Grapher

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Table of Contents



1. Introduction.

Network Administration. Why Open Source? Tools in This Book. Environment. Background. Terminology and Conventions.

2. SNMP.

Overview of SNMP. What SNMP Can Help You Do. Installing SNMP Tools. Using SNMP Tools. Maintaining SNMP Tools. References and Further Study.

3. MRTG.

Overview of MRTG. What MRTG Can Help You Do. Installing MRTG. Configuring MRTG. Using MRTG. Maintaining MRTG. References and Further Study.

4. Neo.

Overview of Neo. What Neo Can Help You Do. Installing Neo. Using Neo. Examples of Use. Maintaining Neo. References and Further Study.

5. NetFlow.

Overview of NetFlow and Flow-Tools. What NetFlow Can Help You Do. How NetFlow Works. Installing Flow-Tools. Configuring NetFlow on the Router. Using Flow-Tools. References and Further Study.

6. Oak.

Overview of Oak. What Oak Can Help You Do. Installing Oak. Using Oak. Maintaining Oak. References and Further Study.

7. Service Monitoring.

Overview of Service Monitoring. What Service Monitoring Can Help You Do. Installing Sysmon. Using Sysmon. Configuring Sysmon. Maintaining Sysmon. Nagios. References and Further Study.

8. Tcpdump.

Overview of Tcpdump. What Tcpdump Can Help You Do. Installing Tcpdump. Using Tcpdump. Examples of Debugging with Tcpdump. Maintaining Tcpdump. Other Packet Analyzers. References and Further Study.

9. Basic Tools.

Ping. Telnet. Netcat. Traceroute. MTR. Netstat.

10. Custom Tools.

Basics of Scripting. The Bourne Shell. Perl. Programming Monitors. Running Programs from Cron. References and Further Study.



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