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Chris Greer

Chris Greer has traveled the world teaching Wireshark and the principals of protocol analysis to engineers of all experience levels. He is a Packet Analyst and Trainer for Packet Pioneer, a Wireshark University partner, and has a passion for digging into the packetweeds and finding answers to network and cybersecurity problems. Chris has a YouTube channel where he focuses on videos showing how to use Wireshark to examine TCP connections, options, and unusual behaviors, as well as spotting scans, analyzing malware, and other IOCs in the traffic. His approach to training is that if you arent having fun doing something, you wont retain what you are learning, so he strives to bring as much hands-on and humor to the classroom as possible. Chris remembers what it was like to look at Wireshark for the first time and knows how complicated packet analysis can be. With that in mind, he has designed an easy-to-follow course that will appeal both to the beginner and more advanced packet person.