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My Internet for Seniors

My Internet for Seniors

eBook (Watermarked)

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  • Copyright 2016
  • Dimensions: 7" x 9-1/8"
  • Edition: 1st
  • eBook (Watermarked)
  • ISBN-10: 0-13-446739-6
  • ISBN-13: 978-0-13-446739-9

The perfect book to help anyone 50+ get the most out of the Internet--safely and securely!

My Internet for Seniors helps you quickly and easily get online and start using everything the Internet has to offer. With step-by-step tasks, large text, close-up screen shots, and a custom full-color interior designed for comfortable reading, you’ll quickly be getting the most out of your online experience.

Top-selling author Michael Miller wrote this book from his 50+ perspective, and it covers everything you need to connect your computer, tablet, or smartphone to the Internet and start accessing websites, email, social networks, and more.

  • Choose the right type of Internet service for your home
  • Connect to the Internet--at home or away
  • Choose and use the right web browser for your needs
  • Browse and search the Web
  • Shop safely online
  • Use Facebook and other social media
  • Find old friends and make new ones online
  • Find news, sports, and weather online
  • Enjoy TV shows, movies, and music online
  • Get productive with online office apps
  • Share your photos online
  • Research your family tree online
  • Manage your finances and track your health
  • Play online games
  • Email friends and family
  • Video chat in real time
  • Explore the mobile Internet with your tablet or smartphone
  • Stay safe and secure while online

Sample Content

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Choosing an Internet Service Provider for Your Home     3
What the Internet Is--And How It Works     4
Understanding Internet Service Providers     4
Connecting to Your ISP     5
Examining Different Types of Internet Connections     6
DSL     7
Cable     7
Fiber Optic     8
Satellite     8
Dial-Up     9
Comparing Different Types of Connections     9
Installing Internet Service     11
Install with a Modem and Wireless Router     12
Install with an Internet Gateway     13
Chapter 2: Connecting to the Internet--At Home or Away     17
Connecting to a Home Network     17
Connect with a Windows 10 Computer     18
Connect with a Windows 8/8.1 Computer     20
Connect with a Windows 7 Computer     22
Connect with a Mac Computer     23
Connect with an Apple iPhone or iPad     24
Connect with an Android Smartphone or Tablet     25
Connecting to a Public Wi-Fi Hotspot     26
Connect with a Windows 10 Computer     26
Connect with a Windows 8/8.1 Computer     28
Connect with a Windows 7 Computer     30
Connect with a Mac Computer     31
Connect with an Apple iPhone or iPad     31
Connect with an Android Smartphone or Tablet     33
Chapter 3: Choosing and Using a Web Browser     37
Comparing Web Browsers     38
Using Microsoft Edge for Windows 10     39
Go to a New Web Page     39
Work with Tabs     40
Save Favorite Pages     41
Return to a Favorite Page     41
Browse in Private     42
Browse in Reading View     43
Configure Browser Settings     44
Using Internet Explorer     45
Go to a New Web Page     45
Work with Tabs     46
Save Favorite Pages     46
Return to a Favorite Page     47
Browse in Private     48
Configure Browser Settings     48
Using Google Chrome     49
Open and Browse Web Pages     50
Work with Tabs     51
Bookmark Favorite Pages     52
Return to a Bookmarked Page     53
Browse Anonymously in Incognito Mode     54
Configure Browser Settings     54
Using Mozilla Firefox     55
Open and Browse Web Pages     55
Work with Tabs     56
Bookmark Favorite Pages     57
Return to a Bookmarked Page     57
Browse Anonymously in Private Mode     58
Configure Browser Settings     59
Using Apple Safari     59
Open and Browse Web Pages     60
Work with Tabs     61
Bookmark Favorite Pages     61
Return to a Bookmarked Page     62
Browse Anonymously in Private Mode     62
Configure Browser Settings     63
Chapter 4: Browsing and Searching the Web     65
How the Web Works     65
Browsing the Web     68
Enter a Web Address     69
Follow a Link     70
Searching the Web     70
How Search Engines Work     71
How Web Searches Work     71
Constructing an Effective Query     72
Searching with Google     73
Conduct a Basic Search     74
Fine-Tune Your Search Results     75
Search for Images     76
Searching with Bing     77
Conduct a Basic Search     78
Fine-Tune Your Search     78
Search for Images     79
Researching Online with Wikipedia     80
Search Wikipedia     80
Read an Article     81
Chapter 5: Shopping Safely Online     85
Making a Purchase Online     85
Discover Online Retailers     86
Search or Browse for Merchandise     87
Examine the Product     88
Make a Purchase     89
Check Out and Pay     90
How to Shop Safely Online     92
Shop Safely     92
Buying and Selling on eBay     94
Bid in an eBay Auction     95
Buy a Fixed Price Item     97
Sell an Item     99
Buying and Selling on Craigslist     102
Buy an Item on Craigslist     102
Sell an Item on Craigslist     104
Chapter 6: Using Facebook and Other Social Media     109
Using Facebook     109
Discover Friends on Facebook     110
Post a Status Update     112
Find Out What Your Friends Are Up To     115
Explore Your Friends’ Timelines     117
Using LinkedIn     118
Edit Your Profile     119
Find New Connections     120
Receive and Reply to Private Messages     122
Compose a New Message     123
Post a Status Update     124
Using Pinterest     125
Create New Pinboards     125
Find and Repin Interesting Items     126
Pin an Item from a Web Page     127
Find People to Follow     129
Using Twitter     130
Find Tweeters to Follow     131
View Tweets     132
Post a Tweet     134
Chapter 7: Finding Old Friends--And Making New Ones     137
Discovering Old Friends on Social Media     138
Find Friends on Facebook     138
Find Colleagues on LinkedIn     141
Searching for Friends on Google and Bing     143
Finding Friends on People Finder Sites     145
AnyWho     145
PeekYou     145
Spokeo     146
That’sThem     146
White Pages     147
Zabasearch     147
Making New Friends on Online Dating Sites     149
eHarmony Senior Dating     150
Match.com     150
OKCupid     151
OurTime     152
SeniorPeopleMeet     153
Chapter 8: Finding News, Sports, and Weather Online     157
Reading the News Online     157
National and International News     158
Local News     160
Keeping Up with Your Favorite Sports Online     161
Sports Portals     162
Major League Sports Sites     163
Getting Weather Forecasts Online     165
Weather Portals     165
Chapter 9: Watching Movies, TV Shows, and Videos Online     169
Watching Movies and TV on Netflix     170
Watch a Program on Netflix     170
Watching TV Shows on Hulu     173
Watch TV Programs on Hulu     173
Viewing and Sharing Videos on YouTube     175
View a Video     175
Upload Your Own Video     177
Chapter 10: Listening to Music Online     181
Listening to Streaming Music Services     182
Listen to Pandora     182
Listen to Spotify     184
Listening to Local Radio Stations Online     186
Listen to iHeartRadio     186
Listen to TuneIn     188
Chapter 11: Getting Productive Online     193
Using Microsoft Office Online     194
Create or Open a File     195
Use Word Online for Word Processing     196
Use Excel Online for Spreadsheets     198
Use PowerPoint Online for Presentations     200
Using Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides     202
Create or Open a File     202
Use Google Docs for Word Processing     204
Use Google Sheets for Spreadsheets     205
Use Google Slides for Presentations     207
Storing Your Files Online     209
Use Google Drive     210
Use Microsoft OneDrive     211
Chapter 12: Sharing Your Photos Online     215
Sharing Photos with Google Photos     216
Upload Photos from Your PC     217
View Photos     218
Share Photos with Others     219
Download Photos to Your PC     221
Use the Google Photos Mobile App     222
Sharing Photos on Flickr     225
Upload Photos from Your PC     225
View Photos     227
Download Photos to Your PC     228
Share Photos with Others     229
Sharing Photos on Shutterfly     231
Upload Photos from Your PC     232
View Your Photos     233
Share Photos with Others     234
Print Photos     235
Chapter 13: Exploring Your Genealogy Online     239
Using Ancestry.com     239
Start Your Family Tree     240
View Your Family Tree     242
Using FamilySearch     244
Create a Family Tree     244
Search for Additional Information     246
Chapter 14: Managing Your Finances Online     249
Banking Online     249
Do Online Banking     250
Pay Your Bills Online     251
Tracking Your Investments     252
View Financial Information Online     252
Chapter 15: Tracking Your Health Online     255
Finding Medical Information Online     255
Search Online Health Sites     256
Searching for Physicians Online     258
Find a Doctor     258
Ordering Prescription Drugs Online     259
Shop Online Pharmacies     260
Chapter 16: Playing Games Online     263
Exploring Different Types of Games     263
Arcade Games     264
Board Games     264
Brain Training Games     265
Card Games     266
Casino Games     266
Puzzle and Matching Games     267
Simulation Games     268
Sports Games     268
Trivia Games     269
Word Games     270
Finding Online Games     271
Discover Multigame Websites     272
Find Other Games Online     273
Chapter 17: Emailing Friends and Family     277
Understanding How Email Works     277
Email Addresses     278
POP/IMAP Email     278
Web-Based Email     279
Emailing with Gmail     280
Receive and Reply to Messages     280
Send a New Message     282
Send a File as an Attachment     283
Emailing with Yahoo! Mail     284
Receive and Reply to Messages     284
Send a New Message     285
Send a File as an Attachment     286
Chapter 18: Video Chatting with Friends and Family     289
Video Calling with Skype     290
Add a Contact     290
Make a Video Call     292
Make a Voice Call     293
Video Calling with Google Hangouts     294
Start a Video Hangout     294
Make a Voice Call     296
Chapter 19: Exploring the Mobile Internet with Your Smartphone or Tablet     299
Connecting and Browsing on an iPhone or iPad     299
Connect to a Wi-Fi Network     300
Browse the Web with Safari     303
Connecting and Browsing on an Android Phone or Tablet     305
Connect to a Wi-Fi Network     305
Browse the Web with Chrome     308
Discovering Essential Mobile Apps     310
Email Apps     311
Social Media Apps     312
Video Chat Apps     313
Streaming Video Apps     315
Streaming Music Apps     316
Shopping Apps     317
Other Useful Apps     319
Chapter 20: Staying Safe Online     323
Protecting Against Identity Theft and Phishing Scams     324
Avoid Phishing Scams     325
Keep Your Private Information Private     327
Hide Personal Information on Facebook     329
Make Your Facebook Posts Private     330
Protecting Against Online Fraud     331
Identify Online Scams     331
Avoid Online Fraud     333
Avoid Offline Fraud     333
Protecting Against Computer Viruses and Other Malware     336
Identify a Malware Infection     336
Protect Against Malware Infection     338
Use Anti-Malware Software     339
Protecting Against Online Attacks and Intrusions     340
Employ a Firewall     340
Glossary     343
Index     351


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