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My Online Privacy for Seniors

My Online Privacy for Seniors

eBook (Watermarked)

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  • Copyright 2019
  • Dimensions: 7" x 9-1/8"
  • Pages: 384
  • Edition: 1st
  • eBook (Watermarked)
  • ISBN-10: 0-13-538132-0
  • ISBN-13: 978-0-13-538132-8

My Online Privacy for Seniors is an exceptionally easy and complete guide to protecting your privacy while you take advantage of the extraordinary resources available to you through the Internet and your mobile devices. It approaches every topic from a senior’s point of view, using meaningful examples, step-by-step tasks, large text, close-up screen shots, and a custom full-color interior designed for comfortable reading.

Full-color, step-by-step tasks—in legible print—walk you through how to keep your personal information and content secure on computers and mobile devices. Learn how to:

  • Strengthen your web browser’s privacy in just a few steps
  • Make it harder to track and target you with personalized ads
  • Protect against dangerous fake emails and ransomware
  • Securely bank and shop online
  • Control who sees your Facebook or Instagram posts and photos you share
  • Securely use cloud services for backups or shared projects
  • Protect private data on your mobile device, even if it’s stolen
  • Block most unwanted calls on your smartphone
  • Improve your home’s Internet security quickly and inexpensively
  • Get straight answers to online privacy questions—in steps that are simple to follow and easy to understand

You don’t have to avoid today’s amazing digital world: you can enrich your life, deepen your connections, and still keep yourself safe.

Sample Content

Table of Contents

Chapter 1  Online Security Basics     3
Protecting Yourself Online     5
Simple Steps to Protect Your Privacy     5
Improving Internet Security in Your Home     6
    Set Up a Firewall     7
    Password-Protect Your Wireless (Wi-Fi) Internet Connection     8
    Secure Your Computers     9
       Set Up and Manage User Accounts on a Windows 10 PC     10
       Set Up and Manage User Accounts on a Mac (Running MacOS)     13
    Secure Your Computer’s Web Browser     16
       Customize the Security Settings When Using the Microsoft Edge Web Browser     17
       Customize the Security Settings When Using the Safari Web Browser     19
Take Advantage of Web Browser Plug-Ins (Extensions)     20
Take Advantage of Security Tools Offered by Your Mobile Devices     21
    Adjust the Security Settings on Your iPhone or iPad (running iOS 12)     22
    Adjust the Security Settings on Your Android Mobile Device     27
Manage Your Account Passwords     30
    Use Tools to Manage and Remember Your Passwords     31
    Tips for Creating Secure Passwords     32
Apply Multiple Strategies to Protect Yourself Online     33
Chapter 2  Safely Surf the Internet     37
Using Your Favorite Web Browser     38
Choosing a Web Browser for Your Computer or Mobile Device     40
    Acquiring a Web Browser42
    Consider a Specialty Web Browser Built for Privacy     43
Looking at Cookies     44
    Manage Microsoft Edge’s Cookie-Related Features     47
    Manage Safari’s Cookie-Related Feature(s)     50
    Manage Chrome’s Cookie-Related Feature(s)     51
Turning on Your Web Browser’s Privacy or Incognito Mode     55
    Turn On Privacy (InPrivate) Mode Using Microsoft Edge     56
    Turn On Private Mode Using Safari     57
    Go Incognito Mode Using Chrome     58
    Turn on Privacy Mode on Your iPhone’s Safari Web Browser     59
    Turn on Privacy Mode on Your iPad’s Safari Web Browser     60
    Turn on Privacy Mode on Your Android’s Chrome Web Browser     61
Managing Your Web Browser’s History Folder     63
    Work with Microsoft Edge’s History Folder     64
    Work with Safari’s History Folder     65
    Work with Chrome’s History Folder     66
Managing Bookmarks and Other Information     70
    Create a New Bookmark     71
       Bookmark with Google Chrome     71
       Bookmark with Microsoft Edge     71
       Bookmark with Apple Safari     72
    Access Your Bookmarks     73
Expanding Your Web Browser’s Functionality Using Optional Plug-Ins     75
    How to Find, Download, and Install Plug-Ins     76
Learning the Benefits of Using a Virtual Private Network or Two-Factor Authentication     77
Using Apps on Your Mobile Device to Better Handle Many Online Activities     79
Chapter 3  Protect Your Security When Working with Emails     83
Email Options     83
Determining Where Email Vulnerabilities Can Happen     85
    Preventing Unauthorized Physical Access to Your Computer or Mobile Device     85
    Protecting Your Computer Against Viruses and Malware     86
    Maintaining an Up-to-Date and Reliable Backup     87
       Create a Backup Using a Windows 10 PC     88
       Create a Backup Using MacOS’s Time Machine Feature     92
       Choosing Additional Online Backup Solutions     95
    Protecting Email Content as It’s Moving     96
    Avoiding Phishing Schemes and Spam     96
Adjusting the Security and Privacy Features When Using Mail     99
    Use the Email Security Features Built in to Mail for Windows 10 PCs     99
    Use the Junk Mail Settings in Mail for the Mac     101
    Use the Email Security Settings for Gmail     102
    Use the Email Security Settings for Yahoo! Mail     109
Identifying and Avoiding Phishing Schemes     112
    Dealing with a Phishing Scheme Email     115
       Calling a Legitimate Phone Number for a Bank or Credit Card Issuer     116
       Identifying Phishing Scheme Email Messages     117
Avoiding Email Security Problems Related to Human Error     119
Chapter 4  Handling Online Banking Tasks Securely     123
Sending or Receiving Money Electronically     126
Addressing Online or Mobile Banking Security Concerns     127
    Protecting Your Online Accounts     127
       Creating a Secure Password and Keeping It a Secret     127
       Changing Your Password Periodically     128
       Using a Credit Card, not a Debit Card, to Make Online Purchases     128
       Using Electronic Payments at Retail Locations or Online     128
    Setting Up and Using Apple Pay     130
       Set Up Apple Pay to Work with Your iPhone     131
       Make a Purchase Using Apple Pay, Google Pay, or Samsung Pay     137
    Using a Virtual Private Network for Online Banking via Wi-Fi     139
       Download and Install a VPN to Your Computer     141
       Download and Install a VPN to Your Mobile Device     147
    Being Aware of Banking-Related Phishing Schemes     152
    Signing Off from Your Online Banking Service When You’re Finished     153
    Reporting a Suspected Problem Immediately     153
Turning On Two-Factor Authentication for Your Online Accounts     154
    Turn On Two-Factor Authentication for Your Bank’s Website     154
Managing Credit Card Accounts Online     157
Chapter 5  Protect Your Privacy and Security When Shopping Online     159
Avoiding Online Shopping Security Risks     161
Being Aware of Fake Websites     162
    Paying Attention to Product Descriptions     163
    Watching Out for Counterfeit Goods     164
    Ignoring Requests for Too Much Personal Information     166
    Being Careful What You Sign Up For     166
    Understanding Ratings and Reviews     168
    Permitting Cookies When Shopping Online     169
    Verifying the Return Policy     170
    Looking for Free Shipping Offers     170
    Ensuring a Secure Internet Connection     172
Comparing Prices on Websites     173
    Use a Price Comparison Website from a Computer     174
    Use a Price Comparison Website from a Mobile App     177
Taking Advantage of Electronic Payment Options for Added Security     178
    Use PayPal to Pay for Online Purchases     180
Chapter 6  Use Social Media Safely     185
Your Information on Social Media Is Typically Public     185
Becoming Active on Social Media     187
Socializing (and More) on Facebook     188
    Discerning Fake News from Real News     189
    Addressing Privacy Concerns on Facebook     191
    Getting Started Using and Staying Secure on Facebook     194
       Set Up a Free Facebook Account     195
       Create Your Public Facebook Profile     198
       Adjust Your Account’s Privacy and Security Settings     204
       Customize Face Recognition     207
       Adjust Facebook’s Advertising-Related Settings     209
    Adding Friends to Your Facebook Account     213
       Manage Your Facebook Friends     214
       Delete Your Facebook Account     215
Staying Safe on Twitter and Instagram     217
    Adjusting Twitter and Instagram Privacy and Security Settings     218
       Customize Twitter’s Settings     219
       Customize Instagram’s Settings     224
    Understanding What You’re Posting and Who Will See It     227
Using LinkedIn and Other Social Media Services Securely     227
Thinking Before You Post     228
    Understanding the Pros and Cons of Geotagging     229
       Turn Off Geotagging from Your iPhone/iPad     230
       Turn Off Geotagging from Your Android-Based Mobile Device     233
       Turn Off Geotagging on a Case-by-Case Basis     236
    Weighing the Pros and Cons of Tagging Yourself and Others in Photos     237
Chapter 7  Protect Your Privacy When Publishing and Sharing Photos Online     241
Organizing Your Digital Image Library Can Take Time     244
    Storing, Editing, Organizing, and Sharing Your Digital Images via the Cloud     247
    Using Platform-Related Cloud Photo Storage and Sharing Options     247
    Using Third-Party Cloud Photo Storage and Sharing Options     250
    Use Shutterfly’s Share Sites Feature     251
    Choosing a Cloud-Based Photo Storage and Sharing Service     253
Sharing Photos via Social Media     255
    Uploading a Photo to Your Instagram Account     257
    Create a Personalized Online Album on Facebook     264
Chapter 8  Safely Store Data, Documents, and Files in the Cloud     277
Benefits of Using Cloud Storage     278
Understanding Important Cloud Computing Concepts     280
Configuring Cloud-Based Services     282
    Set Up OneDrive Functionality on Your Windows PCs     283
    Set Up iCloud Functionality on Your Macs     286
    Sharing Content with Others from iCloud Drive     289
    Using iCloud with Other MacOS Apps     289
Using a Cross-Platform Cloud-Based Service     294
    Sharing Large Files Using Dropbox     295
    Perform a Dropbox Security Checkup     299
Using Cloud-Based File Sharing Services Safely     301
Chapter 9  Customize the Security Settings on Your Smartphone or Tablet     307
Preventing Unauthorized People from Using Your Mobile Device     308
    Setting Up the Passcode Feature     310
       Set the Passcode (iPhone or iPad)     311
       Set the PIN (Android)     313
    Turning On the Touch ID (iOS) or Finger Scanner (Android)     316
       Activating Touch ID (iPhone or iPad)     316
       Activating Fingerprint Scan (Android)     316
    Taking Advantage of Face ID (iOS)     317
    Restricting Access to Apps and Content     318
Taking Advantage of Parental Controls     318
Adjusting the App-Specific Privacy Settings on Your Mobile Device     319
Keeping Your Mobile Device’s Operating System and Apps Up to Date     322
    Updating Your iPhone or iPad’s Operating System and Apps     322
    Updating Your Android Mobile Device Operating System and Apps     324
Managing Your Mobile Device’s Wireless Connections     325
    Turning On Bluetooth Settings     327
    Using AirDrop (iPhone/iPad)     329
       Send App-Specific Content Using AirDrop     330
Blocking and Managing Unwanted Calls to Your Smartphone     333
    Block Specific Incoming Calls on Your iPhone     335
    Block Specific Incoming Calls on an Android Smartphone     337
Glossary     339
Index     345
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Bonus 2  Work with Smart Appliances, Smart Speakers, and Home Security Tools     (ONLINE)
Bonus 3  Protect Your Kids and Grandchildren Online     (ONLINE)


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