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e-Marketing Strategies: The Hows and Whys of Driving Sales Through e-Commerce

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e-Marketing Strategies: The Hows and Whys of Driving Sales Through e-Commerce

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  • Copyright 2000
  • Edition: 1st
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  • ISBN-10: 0-7897-2475-8
  • ISBN-13: 978-0-7897-2475-5

Selling anything, anywhere, anyway, anytime, and at any price will be the norm of doing business on the Net. To do that, businesses will have to understand the new ¿Rules of the Road' that apply to e-marketing. This book will give those responsible for creating marketing strategies for their e-business an understanding of how to position, price and promote their company to online consumers within the changing nature of the Internet. e-Marketing Strategies is the first book to cover all cutting-edge aspects and give a complete overview of e-marketing including: dynamic pricing, shopping bots, and wireless purchasing.


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The Web Is Dead! Long Live the World Wide Web!

Sample Content

Table of Contents

Rules of the Road: Sell Any Where, Any Thing, Any Time, Any Way, at Any Price.


1. Next Generation e-Business.

Storm Warnings.

Power to the Customer.

Disintermediation—Cutting Out the Middleman. The Attention Economy. Integrating All Channels of Contact. Beyond PCs and Web Sites.

2. Learning the Rules of the New Economy.

Principle 1: Matter Doesn't Matter. Principle 2: The Shrinkage of Space. Principle 3: The Collapsing of Time. Principle 4: It's People That Matter. Principle 5: Turning Customers into Salespeople. Principle 6: Value Rises with Market Share. Principle 7: Value Rises with Information. Principle 8: Buyers Are Gaining Power and Sellers Opportunities. Principle 9: Value Rises with Mass Customization. Principle 10: Every Product Is Available Everywhere, All the Time.

3. Restructuring the Value Chain.

The Three IPs. The Customer Buying Cycle.

Need Identification and Product Recommendation. Product Brokering. Merchant Brokering. Negotiation and Purchase. Product Service and Evaluation.


B-ing in the Middle.

4. Staying Up to Date in e-Business.

e-Scouting—Marketing Intelligence Resources.

Industry Analysts. Web Sites. Online Focus Groups. Surveys.

The New Rules of the Road.

5. Protecting Your e-Business and Your Brand.

New Economy—New Dangers.

Credit Card Fraud. Affiliate Fraud. The Threat to Your Intellectual Property. Protecting Your Brand Reputation. Monitoring Consumer Comments. The Threat to Brand of Screen Scrapers.


6. Rule #1—Selling Anywhere.

Clicks and Bricks.

The Strip Mall Goes Virtual. Desktop-to-Doorstep Revolution. Wedding Traditional Media with Interactive Services.

m-Commerce: Wireless Commerce Is Coming.

m-Commerce Marketing Essentials.

Selling to the World—Going Global.

Designing for a Global Market.

7. Rule #2—Selling Anything.

Motivating the Consumer. New Opportunities Bring New Challenges. Whose Net Is It, Anyway?

8. Rule #3—Selling Anytime.

Dot-Coms—Who Needs Them!

Site-Centric Versus Distributed Selling.

Affiliate Marketing.

Site Affiliate Marketing. Compensation Models. Don't Make These Affiliate Marketing Mistakes.

9. Rule #4—Selling Any Way.

The Bots Are Coming!

Selling with Bots.

Presentations, Not Web Pages.

Rich Media-Streaming Ahead.

Content-on-the-Edges: The Decentralization of the Net. New Payment Solutions.

10. Rule #5—Selling at Any Price.

Personalized Pricing. Dynamic Pricing.

Haggle Pricing. Online Auctions. Aggregate Buying. Exchanges—Flex Pricing. Concurrent Dynamic Pricing.


11. Driving Traffic to Your e-Business.

Content-Smart Shoppers Buy More.

Will the Content Support Your Site? Does the Content Reside on Their Server or Yours? Getting the Right Content.

Community—User Generated Content.

Discussion Boards or Forums. Chat Rooms. Discussion Lists. Communities and the Wireless Web.

Viral Marketing.

Viral Tactics.

12. Permission Marketing.

Best Practices of Permission Marketing.

Permission Marketing Elements.

Managing and Prospecting with Email Lists. Crafting Your Direct Email Message.

Using Email to Sell Services.

13. Marketing Opportunities of the Future.

The Marketing Challenges.

The Free Ride. Scan Shopping.

The Marketing Opportunities.

Markets of the Future—Telling the Right Story.


14. Connecting with the Customer.

Share of Customer, Not Share of Market. Getting the Consumer's Attention.

Sweepstakes. Giveaways.

Keeping the Consumer's Attention.

Community Bonding.

15. Servicing the Customer.

e-CRM-Electronic Customer Relationship Management. Live Customer Service.

Click-to-Chat. Instant Messaging. Live Voice.

Managing Returns for Customer Retention.

16. Protecting Customer Privacy.

Consumers Are Not Happy. The Fair Information Practices. Privacy Seals and Government Regulation. How to Create a Privacy Policy.

Notice. Choice. Access.


Appendix A. Ready Reference Guide.


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