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Adobe Illustrator CS5 on Demand

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Adobe Illustrator CS5 on Demand

eBook (Watermarked)

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  • Copyright 2010
  • Edition: 1st
  • eBook (Watermarked)
  • ISBN-10: 0-7897-4754-5
  • ISBN-13: 978-0-7897-4754-9

Need answers quickly? Adobe Illustrator CS5 on Demand provides those answers in a visual step-by-step format. We will show you exactly what to do through lots of full color illustrations and easy-to-follow instructions.



ACE Exam Objectives

More than 500 Essential Illustrator CS5 Tasks

Inside the Book

• Improve publishing and productivity with the CS5 interface

• Browse, organize, and process files using Adobe Bridge

• Transform and reshape objects to create a new look

• Use Live Paint to create recolor and modify images

• Use Live Color to create color harmony in a design

• Create complex shapes and perspective objects

• Create text and apply style to display artistic text

• Apply appearances and graphic styles for a unique design

• Create eye catching special effects and filters

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Sample Content

Table of Contents

Introduction     xvii

1  Getting Started with Illustrator CS5     1

Installing Illustrator     2

Getting Started     4 New!

Viewing the Illustrator Window     6

Showing and Hiding Panels     7

Working with Panels     8

Using the Tools and Control Panel     10

Opening a Document     12

Opening a Document with Adobe Bridge     14

Inserting Images in a Document     16

Using the Status Bar     17 New!

Working with Document Windows     18

Checking for Updates Online     20 New!

Getting Help While You Work    22 New!

Saving a Document     24 New!

Finishing Up     26

2  Creating and Viewing a Document     27

Creating a New Document     28

Creating a New Document Using Presets     29 New!

Creating a New Document from a Template     30

Setting Up a Document     32

Using Multiple Artboards     34 New!

Working with Multiple Artboards     36 New!

Changing the Display View     38 New!

Changing the View with the Navigator Panel     40

Customizing the Navigator Panel     42

Changing the Screen Display Mode     43

Changing the View with the Zoom Tool     44

Viewing and Using Rulers     46 New!

Using the Guides     48

Using Smart Guides     50 New!

Using the Grid     52 New!

Moving Around with the Hand Tool     53

Using Crop Marks     54 New!

Working with the Info Panel     56

Using Undo and Redo     57

Creating and Selecting Workspaces     58

3  Working with Objects     61

Understanding Vector and Raster Graphics     62

Understanding Paths     63

Selecting a Drawing Mode     64 New!

Creating Pixel Aligned Objects     65 New!

Creating Rectangles and Ellipses     66

Creating Polygons and Stars     68

Creating Line Segments     69

Creating Arcs and Spirals     70

Creating Grids     72

Using the Shape Builder Tool     74 New!

Creating Perspective Objects     76 New!

Working with Perspective Objects     78 New!

Customizing a Perspective Grid     79 New!

Understanding Selections     80 New!

Using the Selection Tool     81

Using the Direct Selection Tool     82

Using the Lasso Tool     83

Using the Magic Wand Tool     84

Selecting and Grouping Objects     86

Selecting Similar Objects     88

Saving and Editing Selections     90

Moving Objects     91

Duplicating Objects     92 New!

Aligning and Distributing Objects     94

Transforming Objects     95

Using the Free Transform Tool     96

Rotating and Scaling Objects     98

Reflecting and Shearing Objects     99

Applying Multiple Transformations     100

Reshaping Objects with Envelopes     102

4  Working with Color     103

Changing Color Settings     104

Changing Color Profiles     106

Working with Color Modes     107

Changing Color Modes     108

Applying Colors     109

Working with the Color Panel    110

Working with the Swatches Panel     112

Working with Swatch Libraries     114

Adding Colors Using the Kuler Panel     116

Replacing Colors     118

Inverting Colors     120

Using the Color Guide Panel     121

Applying Color with the Color Panel     122

Editing Colors with Live Color     124

Proofing Colors on the Screen     126

5  Applying Fills, Strokes, and Gradients     127

Applying Fill and Stroke Colors     128

Changing Stroke Attributes     130

Changing Stroke Style     132 New!

Creating Variable Stroke Widths     134 New!

Using the Eyedropper Tool     136

Using Patterns as Fills     138

Blending Fill Colors     140

Creating Blends Automatically     141

Applying Blend Options     142

Creating Blends with the Blend Tool     143

Modifying Blend Objects     144

Setting Transparency Options     145

Controlling Transparency Effects     146

Using the Transparency Grid     147

Applying Gradients     148

Creating Gradients     149

Editing Gradients     150

Using the Gradient Tool     151

Creating a Gradient Mesh     152 New!

6  Working with Points and Paths     155

Drawing with the Pen Tools     156

Setting Anchor Point Preferences     158

Moving Points and Segments     159

Converting Points     160

Adding and Deleting Anchor Points     162

Aligning and Joining Anchor Points     164 New!

Reshaping Paths     166

Simplifying Paths     168

Dividing Paths     169

Splitting Paths     170

Merging Paths     172

Working with Shape Mode     174

Working with Pathfinder     175

Creating a Compound Path     176

Creating a Clipping Set    178

Editing a Clipping Set     180

Erasing to Reshape Paths     182

7  Working with Layers     183

Understanding the Layers Panel     184

Setting Layers Panel Options     185

Creating Layers     186

Selecting Layers     188

Deleting Layers     189

Selecting Objects with Layers     190

Arranging Layers and Objects    192

Duplicating Layers and Objects     194

Locking Layers and Objects    195

Showing and Hiding Layers and Objects    196

Merging Layers and Groups    197

Moving Objects to a Layer    198

Flattening Layers    200

Locating Objects in the Layers Panel    201

8  Working with Type     203

Using Type Tools     204

Creating Type     205

Creating Type in a Text Box     206

Creating Area Type     207

Creating Path Type     208

Modifying Type on a Path     210

Importing Text     211

Selecting Type     212

Copying or Moving Type     214

Working with Overflow Type     216

Changing Fonts     218

Changing Font Size     220

Leading Type     221

Kerning Type     222

Tracking Type     223

Scaling Type     224

Rotating Type     225

Aligning Paragraphs     226

Indenting and Spacing Paragraphs     227

Setting Tabs     228

Working with Hyphenation     229

Working with Type Styles     230

Using Smart Punctuation     232

Working with Glyphs     233

Wrapping Type Around an Object     234

Creating Type Outlines     235

Anti-aliasing Type     236 New!

9  Working with Graphics     237

Opening Graphics     238

Placing Graphics     239

Placing Graphics from Adobe Bridge     240

Linking Graphics    242

Managing Linked Graphics     244

Tracing Raster Graphics     246

Converting Tracing to Paths     248

Applying Graphic Styles     249

Creating Graphic Styles     250

Editing Graphic Styles     252

Applying Appearance Attributes     254

Creating a Mosaic Graphic     256

10  Manipulating Artwork with Effects     257

Applying Illustrator Effects     258 New!

Applying the Convert to Shape Effect     260

Applying the Scribble Effect 261

Applying the Inner or Outer Glow Effect     262

Applying the Drop Shadow Effect     263

Applying 3D Effects     264

Changing Raster Effects Settings     266 New!

Working with the Effect Gallery     268

Using the Gaussian Blur Effect     270

Using the Unsharp Mask Effect     271

Applying Multiple Effects     272

Controlling Effects Using Selections     273

Viewing Various Effects     274

11  Drawing and Painting     277

Using the Pencil Tool     278

Creating Live Paint Groups     280

Setting Live Paint Bucket Tool Options     282

Using the Live Paint Bucket Tool     284

Using the Live Paint Selection Tool    286

Modifying Live Paint Groups     288

Selecting Gap Options     290

Using the Brushes Panel     291

Using the Paintbrush Tool     292

Creating and Editing Scatter Brushes     294

Creating and Editing Calligraphic Brushes     296

Creating and Editing Art Brushes     298 New!

Creating and Editing Pattern Brushes     300 New!

Creating and Editing Bristle Brushes     302 New!

Working with Brushes     304

Working with Liquify Tools     306

12  Using Symbols     307

Using the Symbols Panel 308     New!

Using Symbol Libraries     309

Working with Symbols 310

Duplicating and Editing Symbols     312 New!

Breaking Symbol Links     314

Using the Symbol Sprayer Tool     316

Setting Symbolism Tools Options     317

Using the Symbol Shifter Tool     318

Using the Symbol Scruncher Tool     319

Using the Symbol Sizer Tool     320

Using the Symbol Spinner Tool     321

Using the Symbol Stainer Tool     322

Using the Symbol Screener Tool     323

Using the Symbol Styler Tool     324

Expanding Symbol Instances     325

Using 9-Slice Scaling for Symbols     326 New!

Aligning Symbols to the Pixel Grid     328 New!

Setting the Symbol Registration Point     329 New!

13  Automating the Way You Work     331

Examining the Actions Panel     332

Building a New Action     334

Controlling the Playback of a Command     335

Adding a Stop to an Action     336

Inserting a Non-Recordable Command into an Action     337

Adding a Command to an Action     338

Deleting a Command from an Action     339

Working with Batch File Processing    340

Opening and Using Scripts     342 New!

Defining and Editing Data Variables     344

Creating and Formatting a Data Graph     346

Adding Graph Designs to a Graph 348

14  Proofing and Printing Documents     349

Using Spell Check     350

Using Custom Dictionaries     351

Finding and Replacing Text and Elements     352

Finding and Changing Fonts     354

Printing a Document     356

Printing with Presets     357

Setting General Print Options     358

Setting Marks and Bleed Options     360

Setting Graphics Options     362

Previewing Color Separations     363

Setting Output Options     364

Setting Advanced Options     366

Setting Color Management Options     368

Checking for Print Problems     369

Inserting File Information     370

Using the Document Info Panel     372

15  Exporting a Document     373

Exporting a Document     374

Understanding Export File Formats     375

Exporting as a Bitmap     376 New!

Exporting as a TIFF     377 New!

Exporting to Photoshop     378

Exporting with Presets     379

Exporting as a Flash Movie     380

Saving as Adobe PDF     382

Saving as an EPS    384

Saving as Adobe Flex    386 New!

Saving a Document for Microsoft Office     388

Saving as a Template     389

16  Designing for the Web and Devices     391

Saving for the Web     392

Working with Save For Web Options     394

Optimizing an Image to File Size     395

Working with Web File Formats     396

Optimizing a JPEG Document     398

Optimizing a GIF Document     400

Optimizing a PNG-8 Document     402

Optimizing a PNG-24 Document     404

Optimizing a WBMP Document     405

Slicing Images the Easy Way     406

Working with Slices     408

Arranging Slices    410

Adding HTML Text or an URL Link to a Slice     412

Saving Slices for the Web     414

Saving Selected Slices     416 New!

Optimizing SWF or SVG for the Web     417

17  Customizing the Way You Work     419

Setting General Preferences     420

Changing Selection & Anchor Display Preferences      422 New!

Setting Type Preferences     424

Changing Units Preferences     426

Setting Slices and Hyphenation Preferences     427

Selecting Plug-ins     428

Selecting Scratch Disks      429

Setting User Interface Preferences     430

Setting File Handling & Clipboard Preferences     431

Working with Appearance of Black Preferences     432

Defining Keyboard Shortcuts     433

Using Drawing Tablets     434

18  Working Together with Adobe Programs     435

Exploring Adobe Programs     436 New!

Exploring Adobe Bridge     437

Getting Started with Adobe Bridge     438

Getting Photos from a Digital Camera     439

Working with Raw Images from a Digital Camera     440 New!

Working with Images Using Adobe Bridge     442

Setting Preferences in Adobe Bridge     444

Applying Image Adjustments     446

Creating a Web Photo Gallery     447

Automating Tasks in Adobe Bridge     448

Using Mini Bridge     449 New!

Exploring CS Live Services     450 New!

Sharing My Screen     451 New!

Reviewing CS Documents     452 New!

Exploring Adobe Device Central     454

Checking Content Using Adobe Device Central     455

Using Adobe Extension Manager     456

W  Workshops: Putting It All Together     457

Project 1: Creating and Using Multiple Artboards     457

Project 2: Tracing and Recoloring Artwork     460

Project 3: Creating Stylized 3D Type     462

Project 4: Creating and Using the Bristle Brush     464

Want More Projects     465

New Features     467 New!

Adobe Certified Expert     471

Keyboard Shortcuts     477

Index     489


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