Mac OS X Unleashed

Mac OS X Unleashed

By John Ray and William C. Ray

Help Center

As you've probably noticed by now, many applications include built-in documentation under a Help menu. The Mac OS X Help Viewer provides a simple browser-like interface that any application can use. For example, the basic Finder Help is shown in Figure 6.52.


Figure 6.52 The Help system works exactly like a Web browser.

To locate specific information, type a few keywords, such as displaying PDFs into the field at the top of the window, and then click Ask. A few seconds later, the Help Center application will display all matching documents that it found, along with a relevance rating and the guide that it was in.

Click the blue hyperlinks in the Help Window to open the corresponding documents. The forward and back arrows at the bottom of the window move you forward and backward through the pages you've viewed.

Click the ? button in the lower-left corner of the window to view all the Help guides that are currently installed. This will display an index of installed guides.

Unfortunately, the Mac OS X Help system is extremely sparse. This can only improve with time, but currently the Help system is implemented in only certain applications and often doesn't include detailed usage instructions. That's why you need this book!

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