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Zune has finally arrived...None too soon

The latest Zune software and the Zune Marketplace (and the general death of DRM musicfication) have upped the Zune Joy Factor

A long time ago I wrote a somewhat silly article on my Zune and the fun I was having with it:  http://www.informit.com/articles/article.aspx?p=1073011.  There were flaws, but some many of them are gone now.

As I write this, I'm enjoying the Techtronic Sound podcast.  Me and techtronic go back a very long time.  Now, with Mr Zuneage by my side, the Zune marketplace finally has some engaging content.  Add to that the large number of music stores with MP3 music (including my fav', Wal-Mart), and the Zune gives me everything I had wanted from my iPods, including a viewable screen.

If you're suffering with the old 30 Gig unit, do yourself a favor.  Update the thing for the latest software, including Actual Games!  Get out to the marketplace and check out the podcasts, where you can watch International TV.  (Ya, still out to learn better German and b-a-s-i-c French, so this is good news.)  XNA, that cool stuff for developing XBox360 games, has extensions for Zune games.

In other words, as predicted in my old article, you can't write off Microsoft.  In this case, I feel that they've gone a long way in delivery of their promise.  Now if I can raise the coinage for the new Zune with the massive hard drive! 

jt, Media Guy

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