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You know me--Right???

How can I prove to a high school chum just who I am?

You know me, right?  How do I convince my old high school chum that it's me, Big John, at the end of a FBook friend request?

He had me listed as a friend it seems.  So to get a new friend request is obviously a scam, right?  So, help me prove that I'm me.  I was asked to name my brother, the one he knew.  That wouldn't work, would it?  I have seven.

Ok, what sport did my worthy skeptic play?  Like I know this more than 25 years after those events???  And as I pointed out, our yearbooks are public documents, and a yearbook would provide the answers to any of his questions--without my mysterious alter-ego being there.

How do I prove I'm me, now that the world is soaked in information about me, and not only because of any entries I put in directly into any website.  Classmates.com routinely encourages my classmates to compile whole tables of potential recruitees.  People claiming to be family beg others to part with family info.  Still others, joining online communities dedicated to remembering old teachers or neighborhoods, can scoop up so many small facts needed to answer identity-challenge questions.

At some point, not sure when, there will be a national, perhaps international, identity credential.  It's simply too easy to forge and impersonate in today's increasingly online system of life's business transactions.  Add to that our continued reliance on passwords (and computer system designers who refuse to implement sane password handling standards); well, it is near impossible to assert your identity without leaving some questions unresolved.

jt--I think?

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