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You have deactivated your facebook account

I'm sorry, Traenk; I cannot allow you to do that.

Who among us has forgotten that creepy, patronizing tone HAL used in the movie 2001?  Imagine my surprise as I deactivated my facebook account, only to find intense pressure to re-assimilate with the FB collective?

I DEactivated my account.  As an Internet researcher, I think it's time to look into the effects of going "Face-less". 

I really enjoy the determined poll that insists on an answer before allowing you to de-activate.  If you feel facebook isn't useful, the obvious answer to all is that you need to look for more facebook friends.  And for each supposed issue with continuing activation, there is an answer that requires a change, often a change in your attitude and an increased willingness to divulge connections to more of your associates. 

I did deactivate, but only after a dozen pictures of friends displayed, with each warning me that I might want to give them a note, possibly reconsider how hurt my friends will be.

I deactivated, nonetheless.

I unconsciously reactivated.  Yup!  I opened my Kindle's browser which proceeded to log me in and reactivate me with no alerts or warnings whatsoever, in stark contrast the the number of alerts provided when leaving the collective.

But I'm fully deactivated now, now after deleting any bookmarks or sessions using facebook on a few computers, phones, tablets, etc. 

In future blogs I'll continue discussing all the findings and great fun I'm having with--and without--facebook.  Meanwhile a recent show on facebook states that facebook claims to record 100 petabytes of user data each DAY! 

I have a question.  I asked facebook to send me no more emails.  Why is it I have friend requests in facebook emails hours after deactivating? 

I'll write more as I generate more findings.  Right now?  I'm feeling a little odd.


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