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Windows 8 seems an exercise in frustration.  Traenk wonders if there is more coming... 

From my perspective, limited I know, only a fool disregards Microsoft.  My experiences with Windows 8 imply something is 'in the air'.

Windows 8 is as frustrating to me as trying to control a computer through setting an Altair with those original switches.  This is not the interface I would have chosen.   Tablet interfaces are great for tablets.  For computers used by data entry people?  By scientists?  By computer support people?  No, for me, Windows 8 remains in the box until I get a more useful interface.  Yes, I may have purchased my last Windows OS and possibly, last bit of hardware that doesn't become a Linux-kenstein monster whose hardware is robbed to run an OS with better interface choices.

And that's when it hit me...  Is Microsoft considering offering what many of us have asked about for more than a decade?  The Windows OS is very strong, with a potential for high security.  What holds it back from being a truly universal OS is the tight coupling between Operating System and Primary and Only Interface:  The Windows GUI Shell.  Anyone who's used TweakUI knows the G-Shell is very rich set of features and opportunities.

And from my study of the Win 8 OS, I know there are many compelling security features.

Microsoft:  Tear down those GUI-Shell Walls!  Let US work WITH YOU to build a Windows Shell experience that allows us to create WINDOWS EVERYWHERE experiences that truly cater to niche users.

I applaud Microsoft for the gutsy move of making the Metro, whatever-it's-called, interface the primary way.  I though BOB was a good thing, a vision of what computer use will be when computational speed catches up to Vision delivery.  But Windows 8 needs to continue the initiative to offer the Windows implementer more, starting with a full de-coupling of interface with the core workstation, same as with the server.  From there, give us better tools and documentation for creating interfaces that make Windows even more compelling.

I may be over-interpreting what's been done with Windows 8.  I've also got decades experience seeing Microsoft deliver on the smallest user requests.  Hold onto your hats!  The ride is likely to get bumpy!


P.S.  I am salivating at the opportunities we might have once we can combine the OS tailoring of WinEmbedded with a customized interface that extends the Metro experiences.

P.P.S.  Today is Veteran's Day for many of the Nations once fighting World War One.  Take a moment today to remember past and current Veterans, maybe take one out to lunch.

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