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Why we have current problems

Traenk reviews some background to security problems in financial systems.

In the old days, all financial transactions had a literal paper trail. 

If you chose to debate any check you wrote and the amount the bank gave, you had a monthly report, a canceled check, maybe a receipt from a registered letter, etc.

What do you have now? 

This series of blogs will provide security news-you-can-use to secure your finances better.  Ok, most of you are groaning now because there's been so much content written elsewhere.  Much of that content, however, is in bits and pieces.  What we need is a common table to display all these info-bits, maybe allow you readers to comment on the findings, share your stories, and help us improve tribal knowledge on how to more aggressively protect your financial standing.

No, there are no guaranteed systems or approaches.  Any information provided is given on an as-is basis, with no warranties against problems expressed or implied.

I just contrast current systems and methods with those that have been in existence for a century or more.  Is there more risk with today's online transactional speed?  I'm not sure there is.  I think there are benefits.  But I also think all of us agree that there are different, different and evolving, risks with The Online Society.

Stop by here often.  We could use your ideas. 


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