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Traenk announces the beginning work on the Windows Security Corner

I like Facebook, having written about its security and having used it for a long time.

I have a page called Windows Security Corner.  Want to help write it up?  Consider researching security lore at the Informit website, starting with my Windows security article of course.  <grin>.  Without plagiarizing anything from the site, consider posting good tips and advice you've seen as effective.  For example, if you've read a great book on Safari online books, consider recommending it to friends.  Like the Informit Facebook page and let your friends know how good it is.

In short, if you read my blogs, chances are you've enjoyed InformIT resources for a long time.  Let's help improve Windows security.  Let's have some involvement with InformIT's Facebook presence.  Let's steer our friends to a phenom set of security resources.

Let me know what you think below.  (And psssst!  The InformIT page is here.  Leave a nice posting that recommends my blogs as deserving a special "Like" button...)

Think about Windows security.  Think of it in a new way.  Go beyond basic settings and obscure tools.  Think like a computing consumer, someone who just uses computers.  What's the true security path?

Eager to get Crackin'!


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