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Traenk's new Security Design: Slash & Burn

With so many new exploits among so many utilities announced, what is a boy to do???

I really like Computerworld (and have since first reading their mag, I think it was their mag, in 1986).  Do you like PDF files

I don't know what frustrates me most, the Adobe products and formats' security record OR the over-reliance on their products in Internet 2.  I don't run Flash player.  Imagine my joy at so many web sites insisting that I should load the Player, with very pointed and obnoxious dialogs.  It's free! 

PDF format faults.  Flash cookies that can enable tracking to a degree beyond 4K text cookies.  And week after week of exploits.

In response, I'm going to the Slash & Burn model.  What is the Slash & Burn model?  If at first you don't succeed?  Erase the work.  The system burn reverts your system image to one without modifications.

My friend and security pro claims his Linux system running firefox was p0wned. 

In the next few days, maybe I'll clarify points on my Slash & Burn computing model. 

I have no actual planned, or proposed relationship with Adobe, for whom I have all the best wishes that they can improve their security record.


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