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New ISP = New Challenges and Worries

I said goodbye to my satellite ISP.  Cable modems are faster.

My old WAP has really crummy, lousy logging.  Imagine my surprise when my new WAP's logs revealed something interesting.

I Am On The Raw Internet!

I looked over the logs and saw hundreds of dropped connections from the world's computers.  Huh?  Satellite ISP wanted loads more money to be on the Internet.  They NATted my address to IANA reserved (RFC's 3330 and 1918) addresses.  I was a drop in a big but somewhat private sea.

Ok, so now that I'm on the Internet, now what?  Well, every bot Sklaven thinks I don't patch, so that's a lot of debris I don't like.  I also think I'll use my training to implement either a second firewall or monitoring post.  Why?  Because I can.

It's a new world.  I must step up my security patching game...


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