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There's a new Highway in our land...

Part of the fun of living in a rural state like Illinois is visiting its smaller towns.  These are now attaching slowly to a massive super-highway snaking through this land.

Ever been to Sycamore, Illinois?  It's a neat, little town, a welcome relief from the massive, bustling DeKalb, Illinois.  I'm here to look at motorcycles.

I love motorcycles; who doesn't?  I really enjoy Kawasaki motorcycles.  Open Air Powersports has an older Concours.  Wonder what they'd take for it?

I sit and talk to the owner, the chief mechanic, and wow, these folks are the way motorcycle shops used to be.  Kind.  Caring.  Stoked about bikes.  Looking to sell you a bike and a long time of service.

Soon, we're crunching numbers:  what they have, what I have, how they could sell it on consignment, etc.  My wife is so sensible.  Not sure I can do much.

So why's this blog about a trip to look at a motorcycle?  What's this have to do with IT?  E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G.

I saw their ad in cycletrader.com.  They enjoy considerable showroom interest because of their Internet-savvy sales approach.  They are able to stabilize their revenue because their website has a surprising number of viewers from all over, even in Winter.

They Get It.

No longer are they limited to customers existing within 50 miles.  Much as earlier days in Illinois, when cities grew or vanished based on the new rail line, the new highway, the new freeway going through their town; this little town, this hard-working dealership, this business owner understands that the Internet  is truly the new highway being built in all small towns--an Info-Highway that can reverse the exodus from Sycamore and a dozen other small towns.

One day, I hope to retire and then have a part-time job in my little town of known expenses.  I might be a contract programmer, a system administrator working remotely, or I'm not sure.  I am sure that location no longer need be the limiting factor it grew to be, as families were rurally uprooted into distant factories.

Meanwhile, if you're looking to buy a Quality Kawasaki from a dealer who cares about making multiple sales, consider a trip down the highway to...

Their Website:  http://www.openairpowersports.com/  .  They're all Internet-savvy and can help you via email until you decide to make a meat visit.


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