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The weak in Security

What an usual week!

Still no detailed news on the RSA hack.  Still no software updates. Still a lot of mystery.

Like many of you, my financial institution alerted me that the organization they hired to send email was hacked, resulting in many of us having our email addresses stolen.  D'oh!

And maybe the email address isn't confidential to you.  No wurries, as friends in AU tell me.  But enough information about RSA's hack leaked out.  Some internet writers think that it was spearphishing that created the hack in the armor.  Spearphishing? That's an email attack that targets specific people in an organization, usually trusting people whose accounts can be misused.

Let's face it.  We all know not to trust emails, easily forged and routinely routed by thousands of open mail relays.  But some people do.

It's issues like these that make me remember a friend's advice.  The worst security risks are not techical--they are human.  Before implementing the next firewall on the network, we must implement the firewall in the human mind.

Now that's a book I'd like to find on Safari!

Beware of unusual emails for the next few weeks. Sure! Who doesn't want a free Pizza Hut pizza?  File it next to the offer of cheap riches from member of the Nigerian royal family, needing money for a small verification fee.

 I can only imagine what next week will bring us...


P.S. I'd like to fix the IT world, but we lost the source code years ago, right?

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