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The Laid Off IT Guy! Website Project

A good friend of mine started his own accounting practice about 6 months ago.  A few weeks ago he invited me to dinner and told me that he had a project for me.  I graciously accepted, as I’ve wanted to do some consulting work. What he shared with me is that he wants to build his brand by having me build a website for him. Sounds good to me.

As I had already helped him secure a domain name and establish a business email address forwarder, his brand was already established.  All we had to do now was build upon that.  When he was getting ready to print business cards I encouraged him to add the website URL, even before he asked me to help him build the site.  A smart move, if I do say so myself.

He started to build up some clientele, but kept hearing, “Your website seems to be down.”   He joked with his clients that “he’d have to check with his IT guy to see what the problem was.”  He realized it was time to actually build that website.

Now he has a professional looking website that has helpful information about who he is and the types of services that he can provide to his current and prospective clients.  It strengthens his brand and he is proud to refer people to his website for additional information about him and his company.

Out of that relationship has spawned two more website projects that are just underway.  It is good to have some project work like this to keep busy while I’m still trying to locate my next full-time IT gig.

Best of luck to you on your job search.  As always, feel free to post a comment to our readers when you have something to share.

Thank you!

The Laid Off IT Guy!

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