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Tenent 4: Storing Data? The 90's called...

The 90's called and they want their store-data-live-on-a-PC strategy back

I do a lot of research.  In the past, I dutifully printed out dozens of PDF files and stored them, then using a desktop search tool, dutifully, to catalog all that cruft.

Truth to John: 

  1. The Internet is open 24x7 & today's open persistent Internet access makes such hoarding no longer necessary.  The collapse of modem connections makes such hoarding no longer necessary.
  2. The Internet is a wild Lion out on a prowl.  Truth is torn apart and re-established in minutes.  Over-reliance on this datastream can leave you wrong in seconds.

If you've still kept your tax forms loaded live on your computer, shame on you.  Today's mobile storage devices and external drives make persistent storage of data, especially confidential data, just so plainly unnecessary.  It's also a bit of a risk.

Some giggle at the thought of anonymous people's systems and data under attack.  Identity theft and your stored (or typed) credit card numbers are still a motivation.  If you're a willing soul, willing to allow your system to be live on the 'Net and commandeered by a bot-herder, here again, your system is a likely candidate for attack.

It's the new reality, a series of thin clients, using whatever OS they like, with no data readily available, winking on and off the 'Net.  If you're a fan of Science Fiction, revisit the old stuff from the last century.  There, it's a fat Network offering services to increasingly thin and obscure clients.  Local storage?  Why bother?

The big question will be:  How do we ensure transactional integrity with so many steps and verifications erased from an online process?

But that's another blog.


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