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Social Networking for the Anti-Socialites

How would Scrooge handle today's emphasis on social networking?

I've joined Facebook recently.  I've Linked-In to a dozen or more associates.  I have a Twitter account but have never tweeted, thus disappointing the dozen or more people who patiently await my cyber-proclamations.

Bah Humbug!

We have a word for those who watch eagerly for any news from another individual:  we call them


Today's news reveals Facebook groups administration is 'hacked' merely by claiming to be the admin.  And this makes me wonder why so many choose to dump so much of their lives onto this site?

Meanwhile, I am not wildly successful despite being Linked-In to half the world.  I doubt that Kevin Bacon can find success with Linked-In.

Too many of these sites give the [mis]impression that membership gives the benefits of most infomercial products:  whiter wash, flashier floors, and dozens of checks in the mailbox.  Instead, you often find that the info-dumpsite has gone toxic because of naivete.

Bah Humbug!  Stay in contact as I relate my stories trying to unglue myself from some of these sites.


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