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Will the coming computerization of our appliances and vehicles be implemented securely?

Heard a rumor:  a car company is implementing a peer2peer networking scheme so that if my car senses a slick spot, the problem and GPS coordinates will be relayed to following cars as a warning.

Wow.  Anyone interested in conjecture on the impacts of lousy security designs?  Hmmmm, radio about that there is a wreck 2 miles ahead and watch traffic slow to a crawl.

Another rumor:  European cars will have IP v6 stacks active on them?  What are the impacts of a hacked vehicle doing 100 kph? 

I don't mean to be alarmist.  I've simply seen too many embedded implementations of security technologies short-changed by designs with very limited processing power.  And there's that naivete some engineers have regarding the likelihood of someone finding and exploiting their C language off-by-one programming errors.

This website does a great job with impartiality--all security flaws on all platforms get equal treatment.  I'm twitchy that a flaw in Bind or FireFox or Word that brings a computer down, may do far worst things when our appliances and cars depend on similar flawed programming logic.

I really welcome any rebuttals and clarifications to these rumors, heard in a hallway. 

jTraenkenschuh, CISSP-ISSAP

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