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Time to think through last year's work and this year's goals

Hi my loyal and royal readers.  I use the term royal because one of you keeps contacting me on behalf of the Nigerian royal family.  My thanks, but I'm going to decline your offer in favor of retrieving my vaster winnings through the European Lottery.  Not sure what I'll do with those quid millions, possibly a quick jet to London to sample Gordon Ramsey's cookin' first-hand.  GR, table for two and tell the chef to not spare the bullocks, whatever those are.

I believe '09 will be seen as a bit of a turning point, for many reasons.  Although I did not vote for the U.S. President, I am amazed by his work and progress attempting many changes.  Whether they succeed or fail is as much dependent on U.S./us as it might be legislatures, regulatory commissions, etc.  Support seems worldwide, with a Nobel prize awarded for the slimmest of reasons.  So what concerns remain?  Aren't these the halcyon days of myth?

The war on terror seems entrenched, threatening this generation with a built-in acceptance of a concurrent state of war despite any peace awards.  Massive new systems are proposed and built to prevent terror but seem to sap at privacy concerns.  This is new ground, something not covered by legal precedent or even core philosophical documents.  Oddly enough, only Sci-Fi seems to anticipate any of this.  Behold the halcyon morph into a warbird!

But for now, let's agree that '010 is our opportunity space to take a look at the awesome commoditization of once esoteric IT technologies.  Whether we wake to a world of "Star Trek's" benevolent Federation or that group posited in "Starship Troopers" seems to remain our choice.


P. S.  Trust no URLs, embedded or tiny.

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