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One for All or All for one purpose?

What are your thoughts on those all in one boxes? 

As you know, I've begun dabbling in the embedded world.  I personally believe that the new security challenges are coming through that world.  I'll list my reasons if you ask.

I bought an N wireless access point.  Unlike my D-Links, this one doesn't let me associate an IP address to a specific IP and then lock my daugh--, er, anyone out of internet access at some time in the night.  Or early morning...

[School:  Mr. Traenkenschuh, your child seems distracted and distant during the school day, and her grades have dropped.

Mr. T:  I got this...  D-Link to the rescue!]

So without the ability to exert pinpoint security, I mind began to wonder.  Do I get another WAP?  Do I put my 506 back into production?  Maybe I should do something with one of my old dual-homed PCs?

What do you think?  Is it a bit simplistic and trusting to think one of those all-in-one embedded devices is the best centralization of your security policy?  Or are you skeptical that the embedded devices have the security scrutiny on them that operating systems have?  What do you recommend for a home setting?


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