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New sparks for a smokin' good time

You're a geek, a new-ground finder in the IT woods.  What's waiting for you, and to be sure, what are you waiting for?

Let's talk about an inexpensive way to develop for the embedded platform.  How would you like to learn for little money?  Here is a great Opportunity for the Adventurous .  Yes, for a little investment, you can try your hand at an embedded platform that offers a lot in the baseline standards:  touch screen, wireless, ftp and web servers, web services, .Net, etc support.

The sales trends for smartphones show plainly that your customers want smaller devices.  You can do that.

Something you'll find with this that you won't with other embedded platforms is a nice amount of management abilities.

Why make this so available, so cheaply?  I remember Apple giving Education and educators top discounts for their technologies, thus sealing that market for their architecture for at least 20 years.  We'll see what this move can do.


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