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Traenk just downloaded his pre-purchased book on iMovie.  Is a book on an 'easy' app like iMovie needed? 


If you've read my past blogs and articles, you know I really like video projects and video editing.  Whether crafting learning videos for past classes or converting family videocassettes to DVD, I've found past versions of iMovie frustratingly a primary video tool.

iMovie has always been a fascinating member of the iLife family of digitization software.  Short, simple menus and graphical controls like handles and drawbars seem to make iMovie easy to learn.

Not so.  There's nothing like losing hours to converting a videocassette to an iMovie project, using iDVD to do a DVD authoring image, using tools to burn to DVD, and then...

Slowly, yet inexorably, the video and audio go out of sync.  Soon, your many hour project (done with a G4 or G5 chip, remember those?) is reduced to looking like a poorly dubbed horror movie classic, shot in another land with actors speaking anything but English. 

I bought My iMovie, sight unseen, as an eBook.  I just got notice my copy was available for downloading.  I've had a great time skimming the book tonight, picking interesting topics at random, rocketing to the relevant section, and enjoying the tasteful and eye-pleasing graphical write up.  (Hey, it's a book about creating movies.  Expect more than words.)

More importantly, the book goes into tough topics with tips that come from sheer, raw experience, many hours spent working this application.

iMovie was free software with my MacBook Pro.  Isn't Apple software so intuitive no help is needed?  Not by a long shot.  Is it possible to get valuable help from a book priced nicely?  Sure.  No need to float around a dozen sites to get power user tips when they're in this book.  Overall, I'm impressed that one book seems to anticipate most of the questions users like me have had for years.

Worth the wait?  Ya.  Would I buy it again, having seen final copy?  Sure.  My daughter and son-in-law gave my wife and me our first grandbaby.  This baby will be a movie star.  Because I have the book, I can lower the delay spent digging into iMovie online help.

(Let me remind all readers that I get nothing for this blog.  I paid for the book with my own money.  I'm no paid reviewer who is penalized for a negative rating.  No, I'm just an avid computer user like you, always on the lookout for a truly useful book at a decent cost.  My iMovie is that book.)


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