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MVP again, with work, and Visual Studio 2008

John Traenkenschuh writes about the continuing improvements made to Visual Basic...
Don't know how I managed it, but I got the distinction of being a Microsoft MVP for another year.

This program resources those who have an interest in Microsoft technologies and who help the world understand and use them better.  I get a chance to review threaded conversations with the World's best VB coders.  It's amazing and impressive where Microsoft is taking this tool. 

This semester, I've requested that the standard version of Visual Studio be installed on the lab PC's.  My demonstrations in class have convinced a few brave souls that they, too, want to try Compact Framework programming.  They have smartphones and an insatiable curiosity.  Each year, we MVP's try to go one step better.  You never rest.

I've found some great blogs on creating a startup...  Ya, maybe the class can be an incubator for the next great thing...  It'll be a wild class.

By now, I bet many of you have moved from 2005 Express versions to the new 2008.  What do you think?  From my perspective, it's another confirmation that I'm not the only one forgoing rest, in the pursuit of improved coding experiences.  Drop a line below.


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