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Traenk muses over the links between IT and art.  Stick around!  There is a link!

I keep touch with some great people in the U.K.  I've been whining about reading an RFC.  My friend, the wife of a gifted IT coworker and recent graduate with heavy literature emphasis, found the RFC snippet I posted boring, to say the least. 

I explained that reading it is not unlike parsing poetry, streaming bits of double meanings and wordplay to get to a deeper understanding of the content. 

This note was accepted well.  I even went so far to merge a bit of RFC with the old english Beowulf, both of which were suitably cryptic.

In a later response, I let on that the RFC writers needed to learn more about literary techniques and thereby engage the reader more.  And that's when it hit me.

All the sing-songy literary tools that we in IT discard were put in place for a reason.  Before writing was established, lengthy content was better understood and memorized when literary devices were used.  Look into the growth of language; music was a part of the plan.  Hwaet!  We Gardena  still rocks the house!

Should the IETF bring in some writers for RFC's?  As the amount of technical content only grows, are we returning to a need to thump the drums by the fire, in mimicry of NTP pulses?

I don't know about all this.  I do know that many of the RFCs need some 'spice'.


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