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It's Ba-ack!

It shutdown as mysteriously as it came back earlier.  The TX, once dead, is now back

My tx took a dive on me.  It was an all-day marathon effort.  Shut it down.  Wouldn't boot.  You Tube is full of videos and homespun advice on the problem and the solutions.  One interesting ploy is to push down hard on keys and thereby reset the Nvidia chip.  No go.

Being a tightwad, I dissembled the computer this evening.  I took out the CMOS battery because part of the no-boot problem has been tied to hibernation or sleep mode, both of which I've disabled.  I push on the Nvidia chip as a last-ditch effort.

I also notice that the chip is actually south of the  J-K-L Keys.  Hmmm.  After re-assembling the machine, let's start it.

Lights come on, but the mute button stays on, drat!  Ok, time to be creative.  Push on those keys and flex the keyboard onto the cheap, piece of shhhhhhhhh-ugar Nvidia chip.  FINALLY! It boots!

I've been angry with HP for the TX experience.  But after hitting the internet, most computer vendors who used these chips seemingly got burnt.  So I'll vent my anger on Nvidia.

Best wishes to you all, and if you've mastered some Pavilion TX lore you want to share, comment below.


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