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Is Windows 10 Enough: Fiddley Bits, Dodgy Design, & Woeful Ergonomics! Oh My!

And now, let us remember the great advances of a world gone tablet...

Genius co-worker, clear Innovator of highest order, hopes to show me his tablet. Hoisting it by the keyboard, the brick-heavy tablet crashes to the carpeted floor. This design was an improvement, mind you, an improvement on those portfolios whose glued-in keyboards are tacit admission that computers really need viable input devices to be truly useful.  

Back to the drawing board!

I have used those Bluetooth keyboards, and my fingers still ache. I am an average sized man and a trained touch-typist since High School. (How long ago?  Reference the music of KC and the Sunshine Band, John Denver, and the immortal, "Disco Duck".) Using the many cheap BT keyboards is trying to use the old Timex-Sinclair keyboard: one press equals activating a dozen keys, it seems. Also fun is that nebulous, indistinct feel of the "chiclet" keyboards, those whose feel is something between giving Gumby a massage and trying to nail gelatin dessert to a wall. And if you opt for a quality keyboard, such as the Apple keyboard, you've now spent a premium on your low-cost tablet package..

No, tablets gave us issues, higher costs, and ergonomic challenges that continue to plague designs.  

In my next blog, let's begin tying all the loose ends together. Let's discuss Windows 10. Meanwhile, the iPad Pro seems a bit like another tablet offering I know of. What do you think of it and its use of the A9X CPU? Why is an ARM-based tablet likely to cost so much?


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