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How good are your products? The Internet Knows!!!

In this series of blogs, Traenk discusses the Internet's influence on our daily lives.  If you know resources he fails to mention, respond below.

Honk if you like cars.  We all love vehicles, especially those with four wheels, right?  So how can the Internet help you?

In America, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration publish a lot of useful information about many cars for sale in America.  If you navigate to http://www.nhtsa.gov/Vehicle+Safety/Recalls+&+Defects , you can read a lot of useful information about recalls and known vehicle defects.  Want more? 

Most vehicle manufacturers issue TSB's (technical service bulletins) for their dealers and service professionals.  Go to http://www-odi.nhtsa.dot.gov/cars/problems/tsb/ to do some research.  Need to check out the problems that plague one manufacturer over another?  Go here.  Want to see what problems are typical of a popular model?  This will show those problems.

I recently purchased a car.  I wanted to give one manufacturer an even chance for my business.  Their model, though, had some 69 TSB's for 2011.  Other candidate models had 3-7 TSB's, significantly improving their chances for my business.

These same TSB lists provide some detail on the problems.  The trim piece that pops loose on a door on 1 of 100 cars is not as important as the manufacturer whose car had head gasket failures.  The information at NHTSA can help you do great research, when you know to access it for great information.

Impact to our Society?  Many manufacturers had captive customers, people who would excuse any continual problems in your company's products.  Today, vast amounts of information exist about the service and quality defects your company could once hide.  No more!  All those governmental filings are now made easily available, for free, thanks to the Internet.

Want to know more?  Stay tuned.  For now, begin by reviewing basic TSB information.