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GAO viz. EPA

Some people complain the U.S. Government can do more to promote security.  The GAO report suggests improvements are being made where they are needed most.

Do you love information security?  Grab a subscription to SC magazine.  Today's article http://www.scmagazine.com/gao-scolds-epa-for-poor-security/article/255692/?DCMP=EMC-SCUS_Newswire provides an interesting peek into U.S. Government security improvements.

Many professionals wonder if any organization can offer enough objectivity to police itself.  The Government Accountability Office (GAO) offers fair, but incredibly complete, criticism of the Environmental Protection Agency in the report (http://gao.gov/assets/600/592755.pdf).

Call me weird--I _like_ to read security reports, and this one does not disappoint.  Forty-one pages is a lot of commitment to some, but to me, that's a warm up to one of those brilliant three hundred plus page X Force security reports.

Download a copy of the GAO report.  The format is surprisingly crisp--for a government report.  Content is deeply provided in a narrow column, and to the left, the one sentence conclusions clearly signpost the ideas for the document skim artist.

Meanwhile, the content proves this is a no-holds barred, frank yet professional appraisal, one that offers realistic, immediately actionable recommendations along side the assessments.

(Yes, I'm thinking of stowing a copy and using the format for my next report.)

Concerned that our government could do more?  Maybe you shouldn't be.  Read the report for yourself:  We the People have been given enough (not too much) information to allow us to draw our own conclusions.


P. S.  The SC Magazine article provides excellent information on the results of the security issues: "...The personal information of 7,800 people, including Social Security and bank routing numbers, may have been exposed to the intruders."  Get a subscription to SC Magazine today; it may be complimentary for some.

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