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Fun at DevLink 2013

By  Sep 9, 2013

Topics: Programming

For the second year in a row we traveled down to Chattanooga, TN to participate in the annual devLink Technical Conference.

devLink is a three-day conference in Tennessee that was established to educate IT professionals on current and emerging technologies. 2012 was our first year participating and we enjoyed it so much we came back again in 2013 to showcase our new titles, including new ones from speakers Jeremy Likness and Shawn Wildermuth, and have good discussions about technology and books with attendees.

For the second year in a row Bob C. Martin's Clean Code was the top seller (we made sure that folks knew it wasn't a book on hygiene for coders. A joke that was made a few times during the week. And I still find it funny) followed by books on JavaScript and frameworks including jQuery, jQuery UI, and jQuery Mobile and Learning Node.js.

But the winner(s) of the "Most Picked Up and Intriguing Book (MPU&IB) Award" was a tie between the second edition of Hacker's Delight and Elemental Design Patterns.

All in all we really enjoyed our time in Chattanooga at devLink and look forward to coming back again. If only to see which book wins the MPU&IB Award.

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